Memories and the Subconscious

We are the creator of our reality with our thoughts, our beliefs and our memories that do not abandon us for one second with their relentless inner chatter, even when we are not aware of it.  How do we make our minds stop talking? Did you know that our subconscious captures our memories and thoughts as if they were actually occurring in reality? Our subconscious does not differentiate if something is actually happening or if it is just a mere memory. Our mind never rests. We can put an end to the constant inner chatter through meditation, being alert to all our body´s sensations and observing our thoughts.

When we say words like thank you, I love you, forgive me and the other tools of Ho´oponopono, what we do is bring our mind to a standstill. We interfere with our thoughts. We interrupt these thoughts so they will not manifest themselves and we also release them at the same time by changing the focus of our thoughts to these magical words that are used as a mantra.

When we cease to nourish certain thoughts with our attention, the neuronal circuits that are impregnated with our memories, come undone and form new neuronal circuits. These memories become less and less frequent. This way they cease to manifest themselves in our reality.

We must not forget to clean and be aware of our own thoughts.

If we want to have a different reality, we must begin to think differently. We have the tools, what we need is to do it more frequently and place our attention on observing on constantly observing our mind. With this practice we maintain ourselves in the present, in the now, which is what is real.

So let´s keep erasing friends.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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