When I Have Trouble Writing

There are days when I find myself inspired and I want to send out a lot of messages in a row but I do not because I do not want to invade your email and then there are days like today in which I dare not write. Nothing comes to mind . . . I am blocked.

I guess I am paying attention to those memories inside me and that constantly repeat: “YOU CANNOT DO THIS”. Now that I am observing them, I can clean them or at least I think so because I have decided to write, regardless of what my memories dictate. I have decided to erase them and pay them no mind, not believe them, just blow them off. . .

That is what it is all about, letting go . . . then they disappear. It is about telling them “Memories, THANK YOU for reminding me that I must erase, that I no longer need you in my life. I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU for reminding me that you are still there. So I begin to write without resistance because whatever we resist comes back with more force. I do not fight my memories nor do I get stuck on them . . . I release them and suddenly the fear vanishes and inspiration appears. I am no longer afraid.

We frequently have voices inside our heads, one that says “YOU CANNOT DO IT”; “THIS IS WRONG”; “IT IS YOUR FAULT” and another one that says “YES”;“I WANT TO DO THIS”; “OF COURSE I CAN”; “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG”. Well, they could go on for hours, with all kinds of arguments, rebuttals and manipulations or I can forget them, leave them be but they will come back again and again until we clean in ourselves what causes them: fear. This will happen repeatedly until I take care of it. It is our scared, inner child who acts this way because it believes it is protecting us and this is what it learned.
Cleaning is like pressing the delete button on our computer´s keyboard, thus cancelling those memories that are no longer of use to us.

These memories miraculously go away . . . they disappear.

How good it is to realize that it is our memories the ones that are in charge and not stay that way, passive, with the record playing again and again and we under the domain of our subconscious, on automatic. How good it is to live in the present! Ho´oponopono helps us to be alert and conscious of our thoughts because our thoughts create the reality we live in.

Can you imagine the tremendous power inside us? We can create and eliminate all those programs that no longer work . . . When we resign . . . Life becomes a gift.

It is important to remember that man always gets what he wants when he resigns his personal will, allowing divine intelligence to work through him.

A hug for all of you, good night and thank you for being there, thank you for your emails and your comments.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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