About Attachment. . .

Dear friends, I wish you a beautiful day and a happy week.

This time I want to share with you a story filled with wisdom. I am unfamiliar with its origin but it is quite illustrative about our judgments and attachments when the so called “bad things” happen in our lives.

There is a story about an old, Chinese wise man that owned a horse and also had a son. All his neighbors felt pity for him and always told him: “How sad that all that you have is a horse and a son”. The old wise man always answered with the following words: “What is good, what is bad, who knows?”

One day, the horse ran away. All his neighbors approached him with much compassion, saying: “It is terrible, your only horse ran away and now you are only left with your son. It is terrible!” As always, the old man shrugged his shoulders and said: “What is good, what is bad, who knows?”

A week passed and the horse returned and with him were twelve beautiful wild horses. The neighbors were very excited and ran towards the old man announcing his good fortune. “It is so wonderful, now you have many possessions”. The old man once again shrugged his shoulders and answered with his usual words: “”What is good, what is bad, who knows?”

The old wise man told his son to begin training the wild horses so they could be of use. One day, the son was riding a particularly wild horse, fell and broke both his legs. When the neighbors heard, filled with pity they told him: “What a horrible thing has happened to your only son”. The old man once again shrugged his shoulders and answered: “”What is good, what is bad, who knows?”

A short time later, some horseback riders from a nearby town arrived looking for all the men who were physically able to go to war and protect their town from the horde of thieves prowling the vicinity. So, all the young men from nearby towns went to war except the old man´s son, who had to stay home because both his legs were broken and had not yet healed. All the men that went to war perished but the old man´s son lived for many years.

When it seems that your world is crumbling around you and you cannot make sense of what is happening to you, always remember that you do not know the complete story and also remember the old man´s words: “What is good, what is bad, who knows?”

We do not know anything and when we acknowledge our ignorance without resistance, without judgment, without guilt and accept that that which is happening to us is a blessing, we will be able to live without suffering even if we never fully understand the why of things. We do not need to know but it is important to let go and trust. Pain is part of our nature but suffering is optional. Nothing so terrible exists when we learn to detach ourselves from the results. What is terrible is not what happens but how we interpret it.

The task takes place inside us, the task is to detach ourselves, let go and trust. This is the most important task of our existence. When we manage to detach ourselves is when we truly love, we truly love ourselves. We need nothing, we are whole.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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