More Ho´oponopono Tools

Dear friend, today I wish to make a contribution different from my usual ponderings and writings. Today I want to share with you some Ho´oponopono tools that you might not be familiar with. I am certain they will interest you. I became aware of these Ho´oponopono tools or processes through a series of videos called Zero Limits III.

You can get these videos online through Joe Vitale and they are all in English. In them, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len explains different tools to clean our subconscious of data that impedes our happiness and our peace. One of these tools, apart from the ones we already know, is the use of the eraser-topped pencil that has never been sharpened, that can be activated with the words “dew drop” and once activated it can be used to erase memories. The procedure consists of touching objects with the eraser on top of the pencil to erase data or negative situations related to them, such as touching the computer if it is malfunctioning, a bill, your cell phone, etc, everything that represents a problem for you can be touched with the eraser of the activated pencil without forgetting that you are the creator of the situation you see outside. If you do not have a pencil on hand, you can also imagine it. Once you activate the pencil, it stays activated.

Another tool mentioned by Dr. Len is down pillows for sleeping. He says they help erase data whilst you are sleeping.

The data found in your subconscious he calls “garbage” and that is what they are because they are not letting us contact are divine part and they manifest themselves in the shape of problems to remind us to erase them.

He also mentions candy canes and jelly beans, the latter as a tool that helps you be at the right place and in the perfect moment.

Another tool or process is to open and close both hands at the same time, as if repeatedly holding and releasing. It helps with our inner wars, our personal battles, for example you are on an airplane and you are afraid, you open and close your hands several times, adding the phrase “whatever is happening inside me, I love you, thank you”. This allows you to expel the memories and let them go. You let go and give them to God with every hand gesture.

The important thing when cleansing is to take responsibility of the fact that you are creating this situation and when you achieve the “Zero” state which is the equivalent of void, your original state, everyone around you is in “Zero”. But the “Zero” state always begins with you. If you feel love, everyone around you will feel love until another memory appears.

Once you have been erasing for some time, you will receive the inspiration to know which words to say or what to do to clean that data from your subconscious. Inspiration will be present in your life, you just have to let go and trust. You do not need teachers, you only need to clean and take 100% responsibility that whatever exists in your world is being created by you.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


3 thoughts on “More Ho´oponopono Tools

  1. Hello,
    I have a question. Do you know if the Jelly Beans are to be consumed, or just having them in your possession is a cleaning process? I have the same question for the candy canes as well.
    Thank you and aloha

  2. Thank you so much. You mentioned about activating the pencil with dewdrop can you explain it as to what we need to do..just say dewdrop to activate it or is it something else.
    Thank you..thank you

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