Coming home

A friend of mine asked me to write about death and I was reluctant to the idea for several days. It is a difficult subject for me and one where we share many memories. Finally, it began to flow. I felt that I had to do it because we need to perceive death in a different way, without fear.

We all have a family member or someone close to us that have passed away and we have been left paralyzed and saddened by their departure.

Death, apart from the void it causes, is associated with the physical pain of the person who has departed and with the emotional pain of us who remain. Our memories of pain and grief are deeply engrained within us and it might help to understand that death is not final and that it is always liberation.

We have the impression that we are all separate and physical death makes us believe this illusion.

My purpose in writing about this subject is to help us change our beliefs and replace them with our understanding of what a transition is, a transformation and perhaps an evolvement towards something superior.

We have all heard talk about, and many of us have experiences with spiritism, regressions, communication with beings of other planes of existence, memories of past lives and channeling. I have no doubt they are real. We can all experience a certain type of contact if we prepare ourselves and manage to modify our frequencies in order to gain access to other planes of consciousness.

So death as such does not exist, it is just a transformation from the physical to the ethereal. The essential “I” is freed and death is the birth of a new adventure, of change.

We have enormous illusions that confuse us. We believe we are a body and not a soul when the body is the instrument of life and it is no more with death, the soul continues its transformation. It is never an ending, it is a new beginning.

We have learned that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. Life is an adventure but so is what comes after.

Attachment is natural and when someone you cherished passes away, a great void is left and we project that feeling onto the person that departed, we imagine him or her suffering before and after but this is not so. That person is now completely free for their next adventure.

In the beliefs that we hold on to, Death is usually not the enemy; the enemy is our fear of death.

We must change and teach people who are close to death to lose their fear and to receive what is to come with joy; that is a beautiful endeavor that we rarely undertake. The fear of death will then disappear. The mood will be such that it will be welcome. What will happen? The person will be a able to let it happen and there will be no worries.

Remember that love is to let the other free, try to let go of your attachments no matter hard it seems separation is only an illusion. Consider it an adventure journey to a far away land with the certainty that the person departing shall depart in peace.

From the moment we are born we begin to die, slowly. Have you ever asked yourself who or what you were before you were born? Death is merely coming home. So, why not live life like a short adventure instead of taking it so seriously? Who do you not give love to and to who have you not said goodbye? Be thankful for those who have accompanied you and to those who you may not have liked, have helped you learn about yourself.

We are all connected and intertwined even though we are not aware of it and we are only experiencing different aspects of our being; we are part of a whole, we are the source experiencing itself.

Lose your fear and surrender to love; it is the only road towards peace, it is the only way for your adventure to last, to bring you happiness. We will go back home.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


One thought on “Coming home

  1. Jocelyne, Tu articulo sobre la muerte estuvo excelente. Siempre estoy recibiendo tus resenas y son muy buenos. Te deseo suerte y se que lo tendras. Ducy

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