The Deserving Attitude

We frequently do not fulfill our dreams because we believe we will fail, we lack self confidence and therefore we sabotage ourselves. We think it is not worth it, not worth the effort and deep down what we have is the feeling of not deserving happiness, living with love or having money. To remedy this situation, we must work on our beliefs about deserving.

Developing a deserving attitude is quite easy if we set our minds to it; it requires a good dose of constancy but the results are well worth it.

 I suggest an exercise that has given me positive results because I have made the effort and not making the effort is also part of that resistance that we all have towards change and that keeps us tied to a state of comfort even when the results are unpleasant and devoid of happiness.

It is all about making a conscious and firm decision, a continuous affirmation that must stem from deep inside your heart with utter conviction, security and without a shadow of a doubt.


When you do this affirmation or any other that is similar and works and convinces you, it should be charged with energy, with a sense of power; you must feel the vital energy flow through your entire body, from head to toe (mana). It is like a tingling sensation. This is the energy of all things created, it is the universe´s divine energy and it is the creating energy that gives you life, which is inside you and allows you to manifest yourself.

The ideal state to insert these ideas into your subconscious mind is achieved by doing deep breathing exercises, specially the HA breath, then serenely and calmly determine that YOU DESERVE ALL THAT IS GOOD. The breath will produce extra mana or vital energy that you need to manifest. Then feel how the mana travels through your cells and your entire body.

In order to fix these affirmations inside yourself, you must contribute acting with the certainty of deserving it all and to deserve peace, love and money you must feel that you already possess these things, that they are already a part of you and share peace, love and money with the world, with the universe, with everyone.

If any doubts remain even after trying, then we revise all our beliefs that do not allow us to feel deserving, we write them down on a piece of paper and then, one by one, we say to them: “I humbly ask for forgiveness for having tied these memories to my reality. . . I am sorry. . . Thank you for this opportunity to set them and myself free” or “Dear memories, I love you. Thank you for this opportunity to set you and myself free” or any other phrase that comes to mind at that moment. We then get rid of the piece of paper but every time a similar thought appears, we repeat the process, thus eliminating all doubts and instilling in your subconscious the new determination that is naturally a part of your true being.

When we believe that we do not deserve all that is good, we must understand that these thoughts were gradually inserted in our psyche from the moment of our creation and we have believed it so but these thoughts are not a reflection of who we truly are. We are divine beings experiencing our human existence.

Every day that goes by we will continue to encounter situations where we easily revert to the non-deserving attitude, so you must be aware of these circumstances and not latch on to them, do not take them personally; that is how old habits secure their presence.

When facing any situation that you feel conquers you, once again practice breathing, relax and follow through with the Ho´oponopono tools above mentioned. Do not try anything, just stay relaxed and you will be surprised how a fresh breath of air begins to dissipate any feeling of being vanquished.

Memories are reluctant and will try to take you by surprise; that is how they act but always remain relaxed, breathe deeply and remember that you deserve. Tell yourself over and over with faith, with the same faith you have in God that you deserve: that you deserve to prosper in your relationships, in love, in your finances and last and most importantly, believe it.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


One thought on “The Deserving Attitude

  1. What if one does not have a belief in god? (“Tell yourself over and over with faith, with the same faith you have in God that you deserve: that you deserve to prosper in your relationships, in love, in your finances and last and most importantly, believe it.”). I always struggle with how to apply positive thoughts without assigning a deity as the cause or root of all existence. I understand that just the act of believing can create a manifestation, but I don’t believe in anything. Any suggestions? This comment is not meant to antagonize. My question is sincere. Can you suggest another way to believe one is deserving if one does not believe in a higher power? Thank you.

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