Being 100% Responsible

I believe the most difficult aspect to assume is when we affirm that we are totally responsible for everything that occurs in our life, absolutely everything, because the world is only our data continuously repeating themselves in the subconscious and then manifesting themselves.

I am responsible for the world I perceive. Nothing exists outside; only my perception of the world is see actually exists.

My eyes and physical senses only perceive that which is already in my mind, they are merely a projector of my subconscious and everything that I see, hear, feel, smell, taste, was at some point etched as a memory in my subconscious and if I recognize it, it is because it is already a part of me.

My subconscious projects on the outside all which I experience inside, it is very similar to the dream world. I have no idea of what is happening in my world, it is all a projection of my mind. Therefore, I am 100% responsible of all that happens around me, and if I have created it, I can also change it.

Everything that my senses capture are interpretations that my mind has previously made so that everything has a meaning that I have assigned to it. Nothing happens that I do not perceive through a filter, nothing is neutral to me.

So everything that happens in my life, everything I read, see, hear, look at, at imperceptible speed, I give a meaning to hence already existing as a concept and as a judgment.

I am therefore 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life, for everything I think and for everything I experience and consequently manifest. Rarely does new information arrive and I generally classify it according to my old way of thinking.

We are so used to not assuming responsibility for our experiences that even our lack of peace we place on external events, on what others apparently do to us and so we believe it to be.

For example, let us suppose Juanita is extremely annoyed by anyone touching her books in her library, se get furious and feels attacked every time anyone does it as if she had been pierced with a stake through her stomach, she feels so hurt and upset that she goes into a fury causing an argument with the aggressor. It just so happens that Juanita, at some point of her history, decided that it was best that nobody put her books in order because it was then difficult for her to find what she was looking for. That decision was imprinted in her subconscious and she got used to being the only person who manipulated them. Today, she is not even aware of why she gets so irrationally upset, she cannot explain it but she continues to react to a past situation.

The thing is that now Juanita is not only a person, she is a body, she is her clothes and she is her library. Juanita is now enormous; she is also her home, her city, her country and all her beliefs. What is hers is untouchable because we hurt her or so she believes but is her thoughts that hurt her, nothing happens outside; it was she who surrendered her peace. Juanita goes about the world in defensive mode and cannot see with love her mother´s gesture of dusting the books in her library.

Thus we go through life, unconscious of the decisions made and of the reactions we have; we see an aggressor. We judge according to our beliefs but we also attract a reality in concordance with them and we do not consider ourselves responsible for having created this.

We have taken trillions of decisions from the moment of our creation till the present and we are not aware of them. We have possessed them in such a way that they are part of our conduct and of our codes and then we react.

How good it would be to clean or eliminate these choices whose origin and purpose we do not know but that are inserted in the way we proceed and perceive.

How good it would be to see the world neutrally or perhaps with the eyes of love and cease to assign the same meaning we gave to it at some past moment. Everything we see outside of us, our whole world, is only a projection of how we have registered the information, we have no idea of what is real and what is happening, and therefore we are 100% responsible of the world we experience.

The reality I see is not real, it is an illusion colored with my fears, my judgments and the meaning I once gave it. I only see the information that is in my subconscious and find it impossible to see things as they truly are.

We can see again with new eyes and begin to question our fears; we can clean to once again see with the eyes of God, we can once again be like innocent children. It is a matter of letting go and giving ourselves permission.

We can create our world as we want it. We can learn to not believe in our thoughts and we will become indifferent to them. That is our awesome power. We can clean and regain peace. It all begins with a new choice.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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