Living Inspired

At a workshop I once gave, I could not help but notice how difficult it is for us to identify where the information that reaches our brain comes from, if it comes from inspiration or from our subconscious memories.

A 99% of our thoughts and everything we say usually comes from data that we have stored. We do the same with what we hear; we immediately compare, analyze and archive it. Almost everything we do is assimilate and store old information that we reorganize time and time again, adjusting them to our beliefs for further use. We constantly recycle without realizing that there is nothing new there because we live immersed in the past or in the future but very little in the present. What we do is observe the same thing in a different way.

All the memories of everything we have ever lived are in our subconscious, from the moment we were created to date, the smells, the flavors, the images, the sounds and the sensations. The subconscious is also in charge of our body´s functioning, of dreams, of emotions and it is responsible for manifesting what we experience in our reality. All our expectations, our fears and beliefs are there too. Our conscious part, the one that is aware, has only the function of choosing; for this it was created and nothing else. It selects what data from our hard drive it will play at any given moment, takes the information from our inner library and acts based on it. It can also choose to contact our divine side if it pays proper attention, if it manages to quiet the mental chatter.

The information that enters our consciousness or intellect generally proceeds from our memories and rarely from inspiration. When it comes from inspiration, we can recognize it because it sometimes presents itself in the form of an idea, of something new and that is when we say Eureka! Or Wow! And we are happy because they were the unfound answers we to questions we had or the solution to problems we had not been able to solve.

This information comes to us from our connection to God; it is not stored in our memories, it does not come from our past or our experiences. It arrives when we stand to the side and stop interfering. Inspiration comes when we let God act, accept what we do not know and let go. It comes when we stop thinking and are quite. Inspiration comes when we clean our memories saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

All the answers are inside us but we make too much noise and cannot hear it. The correct information is always there, speaking to us and all we have to do is keep quiet. Trust, calm down and erase; then all the answers to your queries shall appear.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


2 thoughts on “Living Inspired

  1. No puedo leer nada, se muy poco ingles y muy poco de ordenadores para traducirlo.¿me lo pueden enviar en español?.Gracias

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