“Knowing your Passion”

Having discovered what I like to do most has been a great experience and a blessing, now I am filled with excitement and energy when I go to work. I wake up early in the morning with great enthusiasm, but It was not like this before, a few years ago, I spent a long time doing activities that did not satisfy me, I felt stressed, unhappy and reluctantly went to work. The days passed by slowly, I refused to get up early and missed weekends. I was efficient, but I was unhappy playing what was more out of obligation than happy believing I had no choice and little hope of change.

I’ve been cleaning myself for a long time, using Ho’oponopono for plenty of reasons, and surprisingly without searching I found my passion. I still keep on saying “Thank you and I Love You” to my memories, and gifts appear unceasingly.

We generally get stuck in jobs we do not like because we believe we’re not going to get something better, better wage, or simply resistance to change so we choose to remain at an unpleasant comfort than staying open to uncertainty and we do not dare to take the plunge due to our fears. There are also those who do not know their true calling, who ignore their passion because of being more attached to their beliefs than to their inspiring part and go through life without having ventured to find it out (their true passion).

Is that what you want? It’s just a decision: Cleansing memories and just trust.

When we are cleansing, new doors are happened to be open. Perhaps, not everything we want to disappear from our lives will be erased, at least not immediately, It may even delay a little bit but yet, there’ll be emerging new miracles, and these miracles will bring us more joy, transforming our view of the world at the same time; and those big problems which could not be resolved will begin to fade little by little.

If we venture to trust, setting fears aside, we release our attachments to the known and let our heart be the guide paying special attention to our feelings (they show us the way), it is when we find our true passion, that which we are talented for, and the ideal job simply appears. But only when we leave our comfort and simply trust, it’s when this can happen, and thus we can see by ourselves that when a door is closed, many others get open to us.

We all have special gifts and have come into the world to discover them. If we do not take decisions consciously, and we allow ourselves to be drawn by our fears, we will get stuck on manifesting financial problems, bad health, depression and even our relationships could unavoidably be affected. Fear must be faced, change is necessary, you can deny it or accept it but sooner or later, you cannot avoid it.

When I do what I love, I attract to my life the right businesses, perfect customers, I get more money, I become a magnet for wealth, and I am happy.

Energy always flows when we do things with love, and we achieve this only when we connect with our divine part, our world takes another dimension because we have found our purpose. We become effective and productive and get clarity.

If you pay attention and clean everything that it’s not you, you’ll undoubtedly find your passion or It perhaps will bump into your path. You are a creator, if you trust and you allow it, it will be the way you want it to be and that’s the way it is.

I love you… !!!

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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