“A Touch of Gratitude”

There are days and days … some of them can be qualified as good and others as bad, and very bad. As a matter of fact, it’s not really the days. It’s us, who are not in the same mood all the time, so it is obvious to experience different situations, pleasant and unpleasant in the passing of the days.

Sometimes, we internally say: “Today, I woke up on the left foot. “Nothing is going on right. Setbacks seem chained to each other without leaving us time to recover.

We believe that the situations presented to us, put us in a bad mood, without taking into account that maybe we already started the day predisposed to it. Upon waking, our mental state was perhaps not brimming with optimism and joy.

Perhaps, we forget to thank for everything we’ve got & have not received, thank for breathing, thank for the beautiful and the ugly, thank for the insult or injury we received yesterday and thank for starting a new day no matter what happened. We start another day without joy, thinking of the future and the past, what we have to do and what we left pending. A simple day of our usual routine.

We perpetuate our bad experiences; problems follow each other with their apparent solutions, but invariably remain many unresolved pending issues. We get home and we tell someone or we just do an inventory of what happened and all that remains to be overcome and we commence to plan our new day all over again.

We are creating more of the same. We spend a regular night thinking about the past, what we could do and what we left unfinished strategizing our next move. Maybe, we get distracted for a while with the TV or reading a book, but we again leave everything scheduled in our well conditioned minds to make the next day matches with our programmed goals.

Is it really important to do all this? Is it so hard to let go? How about starting and finishing the day thanking each experience lived but from deep inside your heart?

Gratitude cuts the judgements immediately. It automatically takes us out of the process of analyzing, justifying and commenting.

There’s no need to feel gratitude, it alone appears just with the fact of thanking for everything. It changes the focus of attention from negative to positive; it transforms the creating energy into blessings for you. No matter what happens; gratitude transforms your sorrows in small glimmers of hope. Saying thanks is loose and be open to life. To render thanks is to be in harmony with creation.

Graciasss, I am grateful.

I love you
Jocelyne Ramniceanu
More on the same subject, a whole chapter in the book Magical Words.


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