Creating more money

Recently we’ve been able to learn that we create our own reality with our thoughts, words and actions, but there’s an additional ingredient: to add feeling.

Our feelings the energy in motion in a way that is according to what we feel, that’s why when we want to create something through affirmations, we need to feel the gratitude of it already happening, it has been given to us and we must trust.

When we focus on money, most of the time we are worried, we do the math and feel fear.

Fear that we won’t be able to make ends meet and the nerves generate this type of reality.

When we refrain ourselves or we simply decide that we don’t have enough, we close the flow of prosperity and we generate this situation because we link our feelings and we block our creative energy.

This occurs in moments of our lives when we find ourselves we little trust in our ability to create and since we’re constantly saying that we don’t have enough we’re unable to get out of that situation.

We shouldn’t feel guilty either, or discomfort towards ourselves for having this type of thoughts. Just by realizing it, we can move forward.

What we can do to get out of this vicious cycle is thank the situation, thank our memories and love our shortage thoughts, then say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU for presenting themselves in our reality; and then we proceed to let go, without hooking ourselves on the fact that we don’t have enough, without paying much attention.

Another way to counteract is to give or share what we feel we lack. It’s an excellent exercise, give to the universe with confidence and trust in the fact that it’s enough for everyone, that there’s abundance and that you have the certainty that it’s coming to your life in this moment.

Every time you think or believe that you don’t have enough, observe your thoughts with joy, notice that you’ve made a mistake, cleanse your memories and continue enjoying life; laugh at yourself for thinking in such a limited and absurd way, and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to yourself.

The universe gives you what you ask for, but don’t feel bad for making a mistake, for being wrong, just laugh, like a child would when it falls down and gets back up when it’s learning to walk.

You can be prosper, just pay attention, allow yourself to be wrong once and again, but be able to notice your error. Be nice to yourself, don’t judge yourself, don’t yell at yourself, treat yourself with tenderness and you’ll learn fast.

Just discover the enormous power you have, with the joy of learning to rediscover who you are, with the patience and tenderness that you feel towards babies.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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