Peace is your choice

When we dig deep in the search for inner peace and we find it, there might come someone from the outside to remind you that the world is hard, difficult and filled with suffering.

Who is the world if not us? That person that is outside is non-other than ourselves, is that part of you that wants to be in control, that is used to suffering, worrying and not finding an outing. It’s your habits. Your world is a reflection of what’s inside you.

That person that comes to tell you that everything is awful when you’re trying to fiImagend peace is not outside, it’s the manifestation of your beliefs, even if you see it, hear it or feel it. You would recognize her if you didn’t carry her within, like a blind man that doesn’t understand when they talk to him about the beauty of mountains, forests; unless that blind man was born with sight, then he can taste the pleasure of his memories.

If someone talks to you about how bad the country’s situation is, about how difficult it is to survive or about how painful and sad life is; those are your fears talking to you. Don’t be afraid, is nothing new even if it seems that way; it’s your memories disguised as news, like apparent current events that come to frighten you. But it’s nothing new, just different ways of taking away your fear, your own data and programming.

If they weren’t within you, they wouldn’t be able to alter your tranquility, what you don’t know can’t affect you, can’t alter you. Then we understand that those people that come to bother us; those news that we see on TV; all of those who plot against your inner peace are within you trying to take over control, because we are used to anguish and worry, and we give our power to those voices, we give them our peace, which is our natural state.

There’s someone that chooses either to listen or ignore, and that someone is the real you. You are the one that decides, the voices come from our program, from our memories. And memories, if we let our guard down will take control and sabotage your attempts to feel well.

When you hear that voice that can be within you or come disguised as somebody you know that comes to worry you once again, don’t listen to it, it comes to alter your tranquility, take a deep breath and notice that it’s part of you, try to identify it or observe it.

When you learn to observe your thoughts, your interactions without identifying yourself; in that moment you’ll be able to notice that you’re the creator of everything you fear and then you can say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, that’s when you’ll be able to let it go. Fears are there when we forget who we really are: we are eternal, we are love, we are peace, but we rarely remember and usually we get confused.

Peace is yours, as is love, they are part of your essence; you can choose to live with it. You are who chooses in every single moment. Just you.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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