Everything changes

Everything changes, even us. We find ourselves in continuous movement and transformation, today we are not the same as yesterday, and we are not as will be tomorrow, our cells change, even our thoughts are different every instant. Then, have you ever wondered why our memories are the same? Just our memories are fixed in space and time… And we allow ourselves to judge, analyze, have opinions basing them on something that no longer is… Give yourself time to question the validity of your interpretations, your beliefs, they are anchored in something that no longer exists and that might have never existed, but now they don’t work, let’s allow our memories to change as well, let them go for them to transform… Let our memories be what they are, just a step in the learning process of life, and let go anything that hooks us to them, with the past, so that we can be open every day, every instant… To continue creating freely new ways of thinking.


Let’s abandon our judgments and opinions, the trap us in old behaviors. Let’s be disposed, flexible and open of heart so that we can be in harmony with the changes that ocurr every instant and to be able to continue freely the rhythm of life.

With love for you, my mirror

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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