One night the Divinity spoke to me

One of those nights when I’m in lying in my bed before going to sleep, I usually stay still to listen to the Divinity speak. It whispered slowly and told me: “I’ll give you anything you want… if you don’t have it yet, is because you don’t allow it.”Image

After this I started reflecting: what am I doing that I don’t allow it? Am I not asking for it? Am I not asking to have a good relationship with my family, my friends and the people that accompany me? Am I not asking to have material abundance and love? Then it whispered again, this time a little louder…

“You don’t have to ask for what you’ve already got, because you’re not missing anything… You have to stop believing you don’t have it. I’ve given you everything, but you don’t see it because you’re observing with your physical eyes and not with your heart, your physical eyes can only show you what you think, when you learn to stare with your heart, you’ll see beyond appearances.”

I stayed restless trying to understand, and in the end I understood that I have to cleanse all of the beliefsthat limit me, I realized that it won’t be until I leave behind all my data and programming, my attitudes, my lack of love thoughts, that I will be able to see the world through my heart.

When I stop desiring to just accept, when I stop judging and holding on to this thought system where all I see is shortage; only then I’ll be able to have it all, because then I won’t be focusing on what I don’t have or on what’s missing from my life, I’ll let all the good that has been given t me come to light from within. I will allow it, leaving behind my beliefs to see again through my heart.

I Love You

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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