Zero, the perfect state of mind

Dear friends: today I want to share with you what it means to be in Zero state. Buddhist call it void and Shakespeare defines it as being the same as a blank page. Joe Vitale together with Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len called it Zero Limits in the book they wrote as a team.

To understand it better we have to go back to the moment when we were first created, at that time we possessed no information, we were in Heaven or Paradise, we had no judgments or opinions, neither good nor bad existed, nor ugly nor pretty; everything was perfect until we started thinking, that’s how the world came to be many lives ago, maybe hundreds or thousands, who knows. The Divinity within us created us perfect.

During all our pass experiences we have been collecting information that has been staying in our subconscious, in our cells and we have passed them from generation to generation, from life to life until the present.

We have been building beliefs and judgments of what should or not be and we have shared and taught them. As time goes by we have been accumulating more and more information and when have adapted it to our lives without noticing that the life we are living is nothing but a reflection or manifestation of everything we have in our mind, the world we see now is just a reflection of our inner mirror. We have created a universe around our experiences, our thoughts, our fears and our desires, and that is what we are showing.

That’s how problems began, which are nothing but the ignorance of knowing who we really are. They come to be form the moment in which we start to identify with what we believe, with our careers, with our roles, with the way we look, with our nationality or with our political party, nonetheless none of these thing is us. We are perfect but we don’t know it because we can’t feel it because we ignore our true identity.

Zero state is the one we come when we start cleansing or memories, is the previous state to inspiration. While we are consumed trying to confront the challenges of life, we don’t have the right method to do so, then we are not creative because my inspiration is blocked by my memories. Being in Zero state is being open to being inspired, is being aware of our divine nature, and it is flowing with the right information.

When we cleanse our memories, when we heal our past, we become a blank page and just then we can feel peace and harmony and arrive to that state that masters call enlightened. Being in Zero state is being ready to receive and creating everything that’s right and perfect for me.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu


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