Thoughts are like clouds

We spend our lives complicating ourselves, suffering and worrying, when we could relax and give ourselves a little peace. If we pay attention to our thoughts and reactions that keep us distracted from ourselves, we will notice how our mind jumps from one situation to the next to avoid being in silence. We search for a way to fill up our time being spectators, actors or reactors of the outside world avoiding being by ourselves in silence. We fear that our anxiety thoughts will take over and frighten us further.

There’s a wonderful way of passing time and not allow unnerving thoughts to invade: say constantly to them Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

God gave us a toy named thought; free will consists on how we use that toy. Thinking is an addiction, one of many we can have and it’s not that we don’t need it, but instead of performing its true function, which is being a tool that we can control, it’s come to control us.

We have to strong tendencies: one to identify ourselves with what we think and the other one to not be able to stop thinking. If our thoughts are to empower ourselves and they are charged with love, compassion or good will, then they come from our inspiration, they are thoughts of high vibration and we will be experimenting a reality filled with love.

But if the thoughts that invade us are unnerving, then that’s the reality that we will instantly experiment. Our organism starts to segregate substances that alert it and the world we perceive becomes a hostile word, distorted and accord with what we feel.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions paint our reality. That’s why we have to take awareness of the fact that it’s up to us what reality we live. The analogy would be the mirror, we don’t expect the mirror to smile at us first, this is impossible, and that’s how the world turns out to be, showing us how we are internally.

If we believe that thinking a lot about something will come up with a solution, we are wrong, the solution is not in our thoughts, solutions come when we quiet our mind.

If you want to create a different reality from the one you’re living and you don’t know how to stop thinking, cleanse your thoughts by repeating to yourself mentally THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU (like a mantra). This vanishes and frees any thought or situation you’re experiencing that is not tranquil. Automatically you’ll see how those things you were focusing on and that took your peace away, disappear.

When you try to avoid a negative thought, there’s a part of you that focuses on it, just embrace it and let it pass. By loving it you free yourself, by resisting it you perpetuate it.

You can chose between feeling better, thinking positive and loving. Creating ideas is thinking about the here and now, and then you’re inspired. Just new and creative thoughts, the thoughts that come from love, from inspiration and not from the past, arrive from a mind in calm and aligned.

When we welcome obstacles instead of resisting them, they smile at us and then they vanish. Thoughts are like clouds that travel the skies, if you stop them, there will be a storm. Just say Thank you and let them pass.

It’s not much what we need, but we believe we are missing things to be happy. Saint Francis said: I need little; and the little I need, I need it little.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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One thought on “Thoughts are like clouds

  1. Aloha dear Jocelyne,

    What a beautiful article that helped me to keep cleaning.
    Thank you very much for helping me and others.
    You seem to be another mentor and teacher of this ancient hawaiian philosophy and I think that you’re doing well.
    Thank you very much for posting this. My refreshement of this day. 🙂

    With love and regards,

    Filip Márton

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