Our words create reality

When we plant a seed what we expect is for it to grow, the same thing happens with what we say, our words have a creative power.

When we talk we are giving life to what we say, we are planting the seeds of a tree. We are who we are because we have thought and talked about it at some time in the past and all we say transforms into a self-realized prophecy.


What we say about ourselves, is what we are believing and creating. When we say that there is something we can’t do right, or that we are useless for this or that, what we are doing is mutilating our own power. Sometimes we believe that what we say is a fact come true and we don’t perceive that in that moment we are molding our own limitations.

Everything we say was once a thought, let’s be careful with our thoughts and let’s nit give them more strength through our words. If don’t like what you’re living start changing your words.

Let’s not plant negative seeds, and let’s pay special attention when we talk, let’s learn to only predicate the good and the positive seeds, then that will be the reality that will manifest.

We are responsible of creating our own reality, we hold in our hands the were to have the life we want to have, just talk positively, and If you discover yourself saying negative words, it doesn’t mater, just say thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love you

Jocelyn Ramniceanu.

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