The indecision

When I don’t know what to do and undeciveness takes control of me, I see I have a range of possibilities to chose from, but I don’t feel safe or trust any of them, then there’s only one road I can take… I can only let go and erase, I use the technique of Ho’oponopono, and I forget about having to make a decision right now, I try to quiet my mind, that internal voice that believes it knows it all, and I ask the Divinity or I connect with that divine part within that has been apparently shut up by the noise of my thoughts. And I pay attention…

It’s a decision that I make in another dimension, from outside without getting involved, I jut observe, and I say to it thank you, thank you, thank you. Divinity please cleanse everything I have within that is preventing me from seeing clear, help me see through your eyes, through live and not through fear. Help me erase everything that is interfering and that doesn’t allow me to see through the eyes of the heart… And then I wait calmly for the answer.

Only when I feel well, I feel joy, or I’m simply in peace; I know I have gotten the right answer. It’s my only compass, if I still don’t feel well, I know my memories are still controlling me. When I flow freely between thought and action, and I stop questioning everything, I act with confidence, them I know I’m connected with who I really am; but when I have doubts that natural communication channel gets blocked by uncertainty and it’s when I need to recognize that it’s my beliefs, my fears, my data, what are interrupting and controlling my decisions. And I also realize that I have disconnect from who I truly am.

When we keep cleansing our memories, we become creative and all god things flow naturally.

My friends, what I’m doing is reminding you that you must erase because afterwards you remind me by writing back.

Thank you.

I love you

Jocelyn Ramniceanu


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