I know nothing

What I wish to do through my words for everyone, for you, even for myself, is for us to connect with the source… Let’s go back to being humble and allow ourselves to be guided.

We don’t know more than the Divinity what is good for us, we have no idea… if we allow orselves to be guided and we let go that part of us that believes knows more than anyone or that says “I am right!” or “I hold the truth!” or “I know what you to do, say or think!”, I won’t get away from my programs, I’ll keep repeating the same patterns from my past and I won’t be able to hear the signals that the Divinity sends me.

My thoughts make noise, and to listen to the Divinity I have to pay attention, quiet my mind and say to myself: “thank you, thank you, thank you…” until there’s nothing left, just emptiness.

That way I’ll be able to listen… there is an endless number of blessings when I quiet my mind, an ocean of possibilities from which to choose, I stop being prisoner of my own memories. Yes, I accept that I don’t know, I’m open to the signals, then only new experiences will come to my life, new ideas, new relationships, new opportunities… Let’s learn how to quiet our mind, let’s say: “thank you, thank you, thank you…” until we calm our thoughts.

Your utmost wisdom comes when you recognize: “I only know that I know nothing!” And search, the answers are within yourself.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

I know nothing

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