The hidden power of breathing

Today I want to talk about the importance of the breathing ritual: HA. This is a breathing form we use when we want to cleanse the memories from our subconscious, which translate in the problems we experience.

The world is a reflection of what we carry within. Problems are not really problems; we see them as such because we perceive them through the filter of our beliefs, our data, our programs; through what we think is right or wrong, good or bad, nice or disgusting, but without exception every situation that presents itself as problematic, is nothing but an opportunity to free ourselves of prejudice, opinions and everything that makes us look at it as unpleasant situation.

The hidden power of breathing

The word HA in Hawaiian means breath of life. The HA breathing is consists of inspirations and exhalations where we count till 7, we make a pause between one and the other counting till 7 as well, repeating this ritual 7 continuous times. To the exhalation you can add a soft Haaaa sound while you let go of the air through your mouth and this process can be done several times a day for the rest of our lives. We can also practice reducing or augmenting the repetitions and the times.

The HA breathing is a very powerful toolin the Ho’oponopono practice. This process brings us to the present moment, the here and now, and it eliminates or diminishes noticeably the depression states, balances tension, and our blood pressure. With it we begin the process of erasing memories. These exercises are preferably practiced while seating down with both feet firm on the ground and a straight back. If needed we can also practice this while standing.

The Kahuna, who were the ancient priest of Hawaiia and whose name means “guardians of the secret”, taught that the way to obtain a surplus of MANA (The vital energy) was through breathing. This surplus travels through the different parts of our being, changing its voltage and allowing our powers to grow, manifest and even communicate telepathically. Through the HA breathing you can reconnect with the supreme energy that guides your life.

When you find yourself in traffic, or you are having a discussion, an altercation with someone o you are just experiencing a problem, without holding on to it, and without saying anything, practice the HA breathing and listen, don’t pay attention to what others say, just listen and you will experience interesting developments that might even come to surprise you.

When you practice this simple tool, at the beginning you can ask your subconscious to help you with the cleansing, since it is the only one that has direct communication with your supra-conscious or with you divine self that is connected directly with the source, with the Divinity and with time, if you want you can add words like: I love you, thank you or any other Ho’oponopono tool.

It’s all about awakening in yourself what is yours but has been sleeping for too long and you have forgotten about it, it’s about regaining all of your power.


I love you


Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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