Creators of inner peace

Creador de paz interior

The dramas that we go through, some with more intensity and other more bearable come from our mind which is divided between what we believe and what we truly are. Everything we see in the world is a true reflection of who we believe we are. Our experiences are the mirror of our deepest programming  We live in duality and we feel victims of the people that surround us, like our families, friends, coworkers or partners; and we tend to blame the external world for everything that happens to us. Duality is a state of mind where drama is part of our lives and we stay trapped draining our energies and suffering.

We don’t know who we are and we identify ourselves with the roles we perform. We feel apart and alone. This is an illusion of duality, same as feeling we are at the mercy of the outside world and our circumstances. Sadly, that is our programming  and to dissolve those beliefs about ourselves we have to start seeing ourselves as the creators of our own reality. This is the only way of regaining the power we have yielded to the outside. We have to assume our responsibility and stop seeing ourselves as victims, acknowledging that we are creators, we are an expression of the Totality experiencing itself and we possess an immense power of which we are unaware.

Our reality changes when we assume responsibility, because we recognize ourselves as the creators of our own life and we stop having excuses or blaming others for what we do with it.

We are either victims without power or responsible creators like a fractal of Divinity. Even knowing the theory behind this, in practice it can be easy to fall again into the victim role, where people seem to do things to hurt us on purpose and we keep searching for the guilty parties of everything that happens to us.

To be able to change our life experience we have to change our intricate beliefs that are like firmly tied knots of concepts about how to relate to the outside; concepts that we have been fabricating in our mind and projecting since the beginning of our existence.

Since we create that which we believe, we have also strengthened the ties that consolidate our beliefs. So we always feel victims, subconsciously we will find someone that is hurting us to perpetuate our belief that this is the cause and effect of the dramas that we go through. So our beliefs show themselves as so keen and valid for us, that we rarely question them and we go around reacting in automatic mode…

We have many beliefs such as:

When I have more… I’ll be able to buy… and I’ll feel happy and fulfilled.

When I loose or gain weight I’ll be loved and taken into account… and I’ll feel satisfied.

When I loose or gain weight I’ll be loved and taken into account… and I’ll feel satisfied.

When this person… does… I’ll feel peaceful.

I’m not able to make that decision, because if I did… and then I come up with a terrible outcome that I believe in.

These examples are centered in our dependency towards the outside world, waiting for it to change first without taking responsibility for the unhappiness we are creating for ourselves.

Have you ever noticed that it is hard for a mirror to smile back at you if you don’t smile first? It would be weird to see the mirror smile first, wouldn’t it? That’s reality, that’s the outside world that responds directly to our inner state, it’s a reflection, a holographic illusion.

Postponing a decision that could be made today, in this instant, like deciding to be in peace, feel happiness, love, courage, worthy; because we are conditioned by the outside world is absurd, because the outside world responds and reflects our inner state and it changes as long as we change…

When I decide to feel more in sync with whom I really am and take responsibility of what I’m creating, naturally the attachments that tie me to victimization start to disappear. I let go of my dependency of the belief that salvation will come from the outside world through something or someone that will fix all my mistakes or my life; I assume that the only possible change begins with me.

I begin to recreate a new reality. There are millions of realities and all of them exist at the same time. This is what is known as parallel universes. In what reality we insert ourselves is up to us.

So when we change our perception of ourselves and we begin to see ourselves as creators, magically our world begins to treat us differently. The world begins to reflect our new perception of it; we have transformed our reality. It has nothing to do with others changing their attitude towards us; it’s related to our new perception of ourselves and that which surrounds us. We abandon the victim role and as a result conflicts decrease, judgments towards others stop making sense and we start discovering the power we didn’t know we had or we had forgotten we had.

Now the mirror smiles back, because we have decided to smile first!

Convince yourself that you are an eternal and infinite creator with immense power. Begin to see yourself as the great orchestra conductor where the music plays to the rhythm of your baton. Regain your power from love raising your energetic vibration.

Observe your fears and tell them you don’t need them anymore. Speak to them with love and thank them for accompanying you until now. Honor all the memories of those things that didn’t work out for you, so that your energy can be balanced and you can move on to something new without fear or judgments.

Don’t have any expectations; don’t limit what you can create. Your physical mind or intellect wasn’t designed for it, but there’s a part of you that you are unaware of that knows what is best for you. Let it guide you, trust and act. Allow yourself to receive the unimaginable instead of limiting yourself to ask what your expectations could give you. Abandon the conditions and the limitations. Open yourself to the infinite abundance that exists in the universe, allowing yourself to flow without interfering.

Neutrally accept the new challenges that you are presented with to stay balanced and in every moment you feel that you can lose them, tell them mentally: I LOVE YOU and THAN YOU. And that way your beliefs, whichever they are, by receiving this pleasing and gentle love expressions, will be transformed creating a positive effect on your life.

Open your heart to yourself more than to anything and if you take the time to stare at yourself deeply into your eyes through a mirror for a long enough period, it’s possible that you’ll feel compassion and love for the being you truly are. You deserve it, because if not, you wouldn’t exist.

I hope you are able to find the peace that is already within you, and that these end of the year holidays bring you many joys. You are the creator of your experience; the only thing you have to do is see yourself differently to regain your power.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu.

4 thoughts on “Creators of inner peace

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