What should I do, resist or accept?

ImageLife brings a lot of challenges and our longing is to find the way to live it without having to suffer. It seems to be the hardest task and the one we least accomplish because we don’t know how to confront the daily events that continuously appear.

The key to avoid suffering is to accept instead of resisting everything that happens to us. Accepting what happens without reacting, without resisting what we are presented with, no matter how unpleasant the events seem, that is the way. These are the only two choices that we can have, there are no other. Accept or react.

Generally we resist, we fight, manipulate, try to control and change what we don’t like or what makes us suffer. In other occasions we run away, avoid, ignore or end up reacting violently because we don’t know another way of confronting what we are feeling. What we feel is the real issue, not what is really happening. It is how we perceive the things that happen according to our concepts of what is right or wrong. A simple example could be that someone with good intentions comes near us to give us an advice that we have not asked for and we take it as if they were attacking us, as an interference, then we react because the concept we have of ourselves has been threatened, questioned. This produces a feeling of anger, impotence and we lash out against that person instead of observing the hidden beliefs we have of ourselves that make us feel this way. There are countless examples that would serve us to notice how we project our beliefs onto the outside, but that would be another article. Here we want to emphasize what we feel, which is where we need to focus our attention, in our erroneous interpretations and not in the events themselves, which lack value.

We are so numb that we don’t realize that situations no matter their nature: what we find disgusting, what causes anxiety, what we believe is done to us or what causes insomnia; don’t come from the outside, from our external world. We possess a mental filter, a lens that distorts everything that comes through it, adjusting it to our vision of the world. We are the ones that judge, interpret and feel things either as a threat or as a blessing.

Everything that happens to us lacks any meaning whatsoever, and we are the ones that give it meaning according to our interpretation. Nothing of what you hear is personal; it is just your memories which give meaning to words. Nothing of what you see has any meaning, only in you and for you.

The world that we live in is neutral, what gives it color and flavor is our perception based in our beliefs. Wouldn’t it be great to see the neutral world, what it really is like or maybe through the eyes of love and stop giving it the meaning we have been giving it so far? This depends only of our constant self-awareness, training our mind and staying alert because we are programmed.

If we could understand that the cause of absolutely everything is within ourselves and the effect is what we are feeling, the world would stop hurting us. The causes are the designations we give it, which come from what we believe. If we could notice that what brings suffering to us, is our way of thinking and that we are able to see things and the world differently, without judging, without giving it meaning, accepting it as it is, without putting our mind to it, without trying to analyze… then we will feel in peace.

Everything is ours, nothing really happens outside of our minds. Our entire universe is mental. The resistance we put to what we are experiencing will bring us more of what we are avoiding. If we accept, unlinking ourselves with a completely calm attitude and we let go what causes suffering without holding on to it, we will flow like the river that moves through the rocks following its path.

Depending on how we perceive an event, either as a threat or as a blessing, it will become another issue or an opportunity and that will make the difference in how we will feel. That will determine the effect that the event will have on our life, if we will suffer or if we will feel peace. If we accept what is, without putting on it our energy, everything will pass without leaving residue.

What reality do you want to experience? Accept, love, be grateful and bless what you see, what you feel and everything that happens in your reality? Or complain, lament and victimize yourself? There will always be situations that seem challenging, soulless and tragic. There will always be perfectly justified reasons to focus on what is wrong. Nonetheless, the choice of focusing on these situations will link you to the timelines of lower vibration and in consequence you will live similar situations.

You don’t need to escape suffering; you don’t need to run away from pain, from sorrow, from what causes stress, from loneliness or from disgust. If you remain in it, feeling in silence, observing it, making it yours, without trying to solve it and interpret it or judge it. If you could see as if in your hands you had a diamond with a lot edges and you appreciate it for what it is, without trying to transform it, soon you will start seeing its other aspects that will give you a great feeling of freedom. If you accept what is, without prejudice and without preferences, soon you will start to see hidden blessings in every situation.

Blessings are implied in what causes us the most pain; it is because they have the most potential of transforming.

Changes are the only constant in the universe, you can accept them saying THAN YOU, loving them, or you can resist them fighting, but they are inevitable. When we don’t hook ourselves in what damages us, letting it pass, this will continue its way without touching us. If you react, if you resist it, it is yours and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Hug any unpleasant situation, instead of resisting and fighting against it, and after you experience it, you will find peace

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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