HO’OPONOPONO and the Broom

Hop y la escobaFrequently, when we are cleaning with the magical words  “I love you”, and “Thank you”,  by constantly repeating, strange things begin to happen. I’ve heard  testimonies of several people. When they began to practice, apparently it was not working for them as expected. Instead of feeling clean they felt more confused instead. Problematic situations were becoming more frequent, problems with their partner, work and/or family sharpened instead of disappearing. They also complained that they suddenly felt upset without knowing why or they were invaded by a bad temper surprise, for no apparent reason.Suddenly all went wrong ….

As we clean our subconscious wrong beliefs, misperceptions, judgments, concepts and misconceptions that bring us suffering we are clearing and paving the way for our long way home. By peeling away the dust, we deveal that buried depth within ourselves.

Now, I invite you to do a little trip together and to use your imagination. You enter to a very dark and dirty place …. It’s so dirty that no one has ever visited it: No one has ever set foot on it. Never a loving hand approached the place to spend a damp cloth and clean the accumulated dust for decades and decades, centuries and centuries lonely…

That strange place has walls covered with images of horror movies and a few walls have images of nice landscapes containing a blue sky. It is a sad and abandoned place ..

Soon as you continue with your imagination you watch the images and feelings. Then, you realize that this place lies within yourself …. And recognize there is a fog distorting your view and then judge. That’s the reason why you do not hear what you say but what you think and that is the cause of all your troubles, worries, aches and pains that you feel and you’ve always felt.

We keep imagining that one day you decide to approach the place to put a little order. It is wise to understand that when trying to re-move everything there, there are waves of dusty debris that spread like a big gray cloud breaks loose everywhere (trash). All this rubbish rises to the surface.

That’s your subconscious. It’s what the ancient Hawaiian shamans (Kahunas) called the inner child. That part of you is abandoned, forgotten and it urgently needs your attention.

As we cleaned the old data from the subconscious with words like THANK  YOU, I LOVE YOU repeating them mentally to everything we perceive as reality, emerging memories from the depths of our mind arise to the surface.  Situations in our life that we had no idea they existed emerge. These appear as problems, difficult circumstances, disease and chaos within the screen we called life. By releasing them, we  are fully healing from our past into the future as the beings who have joined us.

The dust splashing us to begins to remove dirt (our trash). It brings more problems to the surface so that we can transmute into light through the Divine. Each problem arising in our mind is there to appear as an opportunity to be definitively removed and transmuted if we allow them so instead of reacting to it. Otherwise they return to the depths to continue life after life appearing intermittently and infinitely as unpleasant experiences so that we live them.

This is a short overview of why we should not stop cleaning, no matter what is happening. Nothing is what it seems, nothing what seems real is actually real. We never know why things happen, and exactly how we are creating our reality. We take responsibility for cleaning and relying only in change. We use the broom (Thanks, I love you) and start sweeping. Our subconscious is overloaded and what we do is to set it free … Yes, .. This is the only real freedom, freedom from data, erroneous beliefs, and be guided by inspiration.

Nothing can enter in a full cup. If we empty ourselves we can be creative and inspired …

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

3 thoughts on “HO’OPONOPONO and the Broom

  1. Beautifully wriiten and explained, and definitely i can feel love and compassion and understanding within it. ❤ Thank you Dear.

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