The Inner Child


Some time ago I wrote about the inner child and I offered a meditation on the article in Spanish with the title “Honoring Our Inner Child” (Meditación “Honrando a nuestro niño interior”) . However, I hadn’t noticed the magnitude of its importance both in me and in the people who come to take Energy Release therapies.

I constantly noticed that each body pain, stiffness, fears, sadness and repressed rage arise during therapies. They are always related to pending issues in our childhood and beyond.

For those who don’t know, the inner child is our subconscious. It’s that part that recorded every situation of pain, traumas, beliefs and emotions. It also stores the pleasant experiences.

One part of us remained frozen in that state, in those experiences while growing and learning to survive. We all have a wounded child, some more than others. That child was hurt in some moment of his/her development. These wounds constantly emerge in our adult life.

That part of us was left aside, abandoned. That is the part who learned to protect us by reacting to similar situations or any other event that might cause us harm again. We ignore our inner child completely, not knowing the origin of decisions taken at early age that no longer work for us today. They now cause trouble instead. We forget the causes that gave origin to our conduct patterns and how to mend them.

We need to unlearn today whatever we perpetuated in negative conducts over and over again, or whatever that brings to our lives harmful relations to our life and be able to flow freely.
What does our inner child need to help us and let go those conduct patterns, those programs and reactions? Whatever we’re looking for in the world is precisely what we need from ourselves: Acceptance, security, to feel worthy, company, trust, but above all love.

We cannot feel true love for the world if we don’t give that love to our inner child first. We cannot give what we don’t have. Then, unaware we wander through life as beings in need, looking to be rescued or looking for relationships where we rescue others in order to feel important and worthy. Yet, it happens that we cannot obtain what we need from whom cannot give it either. It’s us the ones who need to complete ourselves. We are not the other half looking someone to complete us. By being complete beings we can enjoy love with no conditions, with no need of others to give us what is missing.

Relationships are not based in finding someone to complete us but accompany us.

When we resume our relationship with our inner child, we must earn his/her trust again, give him/her everything it needs to heal his/her wounds and to let go of everything that hurt him/her. Then we will let go of all resentment, fear and sadness. Also, of every memory of abandonment and abuse. It’s there when we make the true forgiveness, by letting go, releasing everything what tied us in a memory.

When in the now we heal our inner child, we are not only changing our future. Our past also transforms itself.

Our inner child becomes then a healthy, joyful, curious, safe, confident and playful child. That’s how we will experience then life again.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu



Learn more about how to heal and connect fully with your inner child on the book “Magical Words”


English Version: María Eugenia Acero Colomine

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