The Pain of Expectations


We all have desires for things we want to get : Accomplishments we want to conquer, without realizing we dive into them crossing the thin line between making and longing expectations. It is a very fragile line, where our desires are transformed to be driven by our beliefs, creating an array, an idea, a “how should it be”. We then visualize, and we make a mental movie of how, when and where.

It’s natural to dream and imagine what we want and what we love, and then, go for it. We focus on a particular outcome, forge an idea of what we want and we do our best to get it. Our mind begins to feel that initial enthusiasm and desire. We place then all our efforts in risk and even our worth, and our sense of worthiness. We put so much effort into it that if we don’t achieve what we want, we feel a failure, we judge ourselves and we subtract value from ourselves.

If something hurts, then unfulfilled expectations are the cause of emotional pain.

It is just before us when we expectations are born that releasing the attachment to the results is a must. This is not about not doing actions towards what we want, it is to trust that whatever the outcome may be, it will always be the best for us and we can continue open, free. We just flow without expecting anything, and see how everything will be given to us in the best way.

This doesn’t mean we should not have dreams and aspirations, but at some point we need to let go and trust that whatever the outcome will always be welcome.

Feeling passion for something, as long as the motivation is not based on fear or on our beliefs, connects us to that part of us that will guide us on the path to get the best possible result for us. It connects us with the ability to transform into the best version of ourselves, and then our being will be aligned to the field of all possibilities. When we do not expect any particular outcome while we are open to experience, the Universe gives us surprises and that’s when miracles happen.

That part of which we speak, is our Higher Self, the Aumakua as the Hawaiians call.It’s our guide, a part of ourselves that is not in the mind that thinks, is not linked to our programs, for it sees the full movie. That guide us so we could, we need to put aside, and trust. It will guide us if we silence our beliefs and we act. That always amazes us when we abandon the expectations, since expectations are programs that keep our minds from change, the new, the unexpected.

Expectations are a way to tell our Higher Self how it should be what we should happen. The conscious mind does not have the capacity or know their role or that, or as what will happen, happens. If you look closely, never met your detailed plans as you imagine them or have programmed.

To leave it perform, we must trust. We should not tell it how we want things to be or happen. Doing this means limiting it. We are telling it instead we know what is best for us. Therefore, we would be blocking every information that might lead us to unexpected results

That guide is yourself guide. It is the part of you that is in a separate dimension of the physical body and that always acts in your own benefit.

The magic always works when, after having a clear intention, you trust and let go of control over the results, since the outcome is the best for us.

When we have expectations, we feel nostalgia for whatever we don’t have.The Universe then pleases us by giving us more ofthe same.It gives us more to continue feeling “desire to find what we miss”. If we have no expectations of what we want to happen, we will never feel disappointed.

It’s not that hard NOT to have expectations. Just vibrate with the joy you feel notwithstanding the results. Let yourself be amazed.

Remember: When we have expectations we are not surrendering our will to our Higher self. Then, we keep manifesting more of the same in our lives, nothing new happens because our programs are the ones in charge.

Loose and be open to the unexpected with confidence. By not expecting anything, there is no way to feel disappointed.

I love you
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

With the book “Magical Words” you can learn much more about the magic of letting go to experience miracles!


English Version for this article: María Eugenia Acero C.

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