Welcome dear reader and brother mirror:

This blog is for you and for me. Together we shall follow the wonderful path of living life while we experiment the benefits of cleaning our past.  Therefore, I would like us to share this long journey hand in hand and I invite you to post your comments and your experiences as I will share with you some articles I have written, topics I feel are good to be known and above all I would like to introduce you to my new book based completely on the Hawaiian technique Ho’oponopono, which is currently the only guide of its kind.

Magical Words” is a book born from the love I feel towards this technique and to which I dedicated the majority of last year´s time. In this book you will find all the information and also the answers to questions you might have such as What is Ho´oponopono? How does it work? How do we use it? And a wide variety of information that will make you choose this technique as your tool of choice in order to evolve spiritually here on earth.

If you have already heard about Ho’ oponopono, you will be fascinated to find such valuable information in just one book, explained in a simple yet surprising way. If it is the first time you have heard of this fabulous Hawaiian technique, you will be surprised with what you will find here and of how your life will be filled with miracles.

I have seen miracles occur to people. This book proposes to teach you the tools that will open the doors that will allow miracles to come through to your life and that of your loved ones.

Here is an example of what you will learn:

  • You will heal yourself and at the same time you will heal others.
  • You will discover your life´s purpose.
  • You will discover the main reason for which people do not achieve what they want and you will overcome it.
  • You will learn to get rid of any limiting beliefs of mislove, sickness and worthlessness.
  • You will clarify why you have a hard time making decisions.
  • How to overcome fear and guilt.
  • Who you really are.
  • Why you constantly need to erase and what it means.
  • The phrases we guarantee will change your life.
  • How to conquer the inner game of wealth.
  • How to find inspiration.
  • You will know the importance of gratitude.
  • You will know the secrets of abundance.
  • You will know what to do when you feel lost and you will learn to go hand in hand with deity.
  • You will begin to feel peace no matter what is happening around you.
  • And much more . . .





       THANK YOU– Introduction to Magical Words

13 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Jocelyne thank you so much for writing Magical Words – it’s truly inspirational and the clearest, simplest and most beautifully written book I’ve read on Ho’Oponopono. I have found it so helpful and will pass your teaching on with full credit in my blog. Many thanks and blessings to you 🙂

  2. Hello Jocelyne, yesterday I bought a digital version of your book but today I asked for a refund because it didn’ t work properly, I could only read the first 3 chapters.
    I was wondering if you might ne interested in the italian version of it.
    I am not a professional in this sector but I am passionate in translating and in studying self-help book.
    So maybe I can do it for you, with nothing in exchange but a copy of your book!
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Carolina. I’m really sorry you coulnd’t download the file properly.

      Your idea to to translate “Magical Words” to Italian is just wonderful!! For sure I could send you a copy of my book. For the moment the print version is only in Spanish, but we could find the way. I LOVE YOU!


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