From Fear To Love


I felt fear and sometimes this feeling has been vague and imprecise but extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. It starts with a feeling in the stomach, or perhaps earlier, in the upper chest. It’s a hassle and I realize it’s anxiety. But there is and I start to watch. I decided to learn the process and change it.

This happened to me a couple of days ago and I told myself, let go Jocelyne, apply what you teach, at the end of the day, what you teach is for you, what you write is your own learning.

All this happened with a trigger, a thought, a situation and started a mind-body level physiological effects. I drifted up to old, beliefs intertwined with others that until then were not fully aware.

I noticed that delving into feeling frightened me and allowing fully feel it, live it and let it be, after a while a new emotion that at first seemed to be there or was not evident arose; It was a feeling that was transformed in sadness, in wanting to mourn and despair and allowing the tears… The fear was disappearing completely. Had come a relief, it was a feeling of acceptance.

It was at that moment, a voice came to my surprise. Left inside me and said sweetly as I passed her warm imaginary hand off my shoulders, “Everything will be fine, everything is fine, was never otherwise you let catch your mind and beliefs but none of this is real, it’s something you’ve imagined, there is nothing can hurt you even when you believe it “and then I calmed down and felt peace. I breathed deeply relieved.

The fears come from films and these films do we come from beliefs that we do not wish for the world to come true. Images arise from fear and we want to avoid. All this happens to us without our consent; are not even aware of what triggers it or the process in which we are immersed. Neither do we know what the root of these beliefs but live as a real possibility and fear takes possession of us.

To defeat our fears and transform them we have:

1) Feeling completely accept and allow them.

2) We must ask What should I be thinking to feel that fear? What would happen if it really happened? What would happen to me if my belief is real? What thoughts would replace these beliefs? (You can write if it makes you easier).

3) Contact your belief, look at her and apropiate it, breathe deeply. Feel how you created your belief. It’s yours.

4) By knowing your deepest belief, you can change, you can loose it, let it go and send it love. Back to breathe deeply and feel the love. Welcomes the opportunity that was manifested to undo it and say thanks, I Love You. Proceed to allow it to be replaced by thoughts of love.

5) Recognizes that it is only a belief, it is not true, is an illusion, that thou hast created and no longer think more on it.

The fear quickly evaporates.

Thoughts of fear appear when we move away from living in the present; this can not help because our mind is very bouncy. But we can observe and monitor the process, this allows us to be more in the now.

We have to allow the process of living our fears, anxieties and fears to discover the beliefs that lie hidden and make our making them light to change them and heal them. If we do not allow this to us and what we do instead, is to resist and avoid reacting, fleeing or avoiding us, they will not disappear. What they do is be increasingly often in the form of anxieties, phobias and / or panic attacks.

If your fear is very strong, let it be, accept it and embrace it, maybe it’s the door to your awakening. Do not run from it.

Fears are alarms that are not aligned with our true selves and we must pay attention to correct.

There is something that is worth mentioning is that love is the miracle pill that healthy fear. Every thought of fear has its antidote. Fear is an illusion based on separation and death. None of this is real. We are immortal, the body is our vehicle in this reality, but there are many other realities that can access, even in this life changing our vibration.

Release beliefs is changing our vibrational frequency tuning in to a new reality. Love is the passage to the stars.

You can help dissolve your beliefs repeating to yourself, thank you, I love you, or ask, What is it about me that I am choosing to feel this feeling? Or what’s in me that I chose to believe this? And then let it go.

You are the master and your mind is your servant, not the reverse.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Transforming Fear into Love

Almost all our reactions come from our beliefs based on fear when they don’t emerge from the inconditional love.

Jealosy, envy, anguish, sadness, etc, are such unpleasant feelings that we usually avoid to feel them. We deny them, simulate them or we react violently to these energy manifestations. Our way to react is by responding to the outside, by putting out the cause of our unrest. We seldom look inside.

We always find someone to blame for our feelings. We always look at the circumstances as a product of bad luck or we just feel victims of situations or someone. Never or rarely we look for the cause within ourselves. Also, in spite we already know that, we forget we are creators of our reality, our experiences, and our perception of the world.

When we constantly change of couple, when we don’t find a good couple, or our couple cheats on us; when money is scarce, when we don’t find the ideal job, we look at that and we wonder: What am I doing wrong? In what have I failed? Why do these things happen to me? Then we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, imperfect, undeserving, with little worth and filled with bad luck. The right question we must ask is, “What is in me that is creating this situation? Or we can just simply say “I’m sorry, forgive me for what is in me that creates this situaiton. This way of asking makes us remember that “It’s me and only me the one who creates my reality just as it is”. If there are aspects in my life that don’t work well, it is because I have beliefs about me and the world that make my reality to manifest as it shows although I’m not aware of them.
Before we arrived to the world, we already knew we were perfect. We were the eternal manifestation of the Creation. As creations we were conceived frmo the very substance of God. Then, when entering in the frequency of fear and disfunction that characterize our world, this life, we have forgotten everything, to feel immerse in a hostile environment no matter whether we grew up in a happy and loving family or not.

In that very same moment, when we were tiny, the first beliefs about this life were created. In a small child who found difficult to obtain love, or under conditions; in a time when it was necessary to be worthy in order to be able to be loved. It was when the first beliefs on difficulties to obtain love appeared. Then, from that fact the belief of not having enough appeared: That fighting was necessary to accomplish things and that it was necessary to be worthy. In that moment the wrong belief that feeling love was the same to feel pain might have been created too.

Then we grew up and we developed as adults. Our intelect has been formed and our life as a mature person has become the result of that experience. However, that little inner child never left. He or she never grew up nor changed at all. He or she continues there, although we have forgotten about him or her, or we believe that we have overcome everything.

Over and over the situations of life will reflect those early decisions, those conclusions, those beliefs, because we have them in our inner child. That wounded and abandoned inner child in need for love will walk with us. Over and over something frome the outside will aim at those wounds unhealed yet. Those wounds will continue there until we pay attention to our inner child.

Grief, sadness, anger, impotence: Everything we feel can be transformed now by not trying to avoid what we feel, by no trying to hide our feelings, but by feeling everything what is and loving the manifestations of our emotions just as they are.
With no judgments hold that little boy or girl that inhabits within yourself. Tell him or her mentally that it is ok to feel what he or she is feeling. Tell him or her that is it right to feel and hold yourself imaginatively. Feel all those emotions and tell that little child within yourself that from now on there is no need to feel lonely and without love, because you’re already there to give that love to him or her.
Accept your feelings. Feel to the fullest what is in you. Do not resist to them and love them. Paradojically, when you choose the transformation NOW with acceptance and love, you automatically transform your past and your future.
You can only transform fear and any emotion in the moment you feel it by sending love. You are love, you are perfect.

I love you.
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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The Pain of Expectations


We all have desires for things we want to get : Accomplishments we want to conquer, without realizing we dive into them crossing the thin line between making and longing expectations. It is a very fragile line, where our desires are transformed to be driven by our beliefs, creating an array, an idea, a “how should it be”. We then visualize, and we make a mental movie of how, when and where.

It’s natural to dream and imagine what we want and what we love, and then, go for it. We focus on a particular outcome, forge an idea of what we want and we do our best to get it. Our mind begins to feel that initial enthusiasm and desire. We place then all our efforts in risk and even our worth, and our sense of worthiness. We put so much effort into it that if we don’t achieve what we want, we feel a failure, we judge ourselves and we subtract value from ourselves.

If something hurts, then unfulfilled expectations are the cause of emotional pain.

It is just before us when we expectations are born that releasing the attachment to the results is a must. This is not about not doing actions towards what we want, it is to trust that whatever the outcome may be, it will always be the best for us and we can continue open, free. We just flow without expecting anything, and see how everything will be given to us in the best way.

This doesn’t mean we should not have dreams and aspirations, but at some point we need to let go and trust that whatever the outcome will always be welcome.

Feeling passion for something, as long as the motivation is not based on fear or on our beliefs, connects us to that part of us that will guide us on the path to get the best possible result for us. It connects us with the ability to transform into the best version of ourselves, and then our being will be aligned to the field of all possibilities. When we do not expect any particular outcome while we are open to experience, the Universe gives us surprises and that’s when miracles happen.

That part of which we speak, is our Higher Self, the Aumakua as the Hawaiians call.It’s our guide, a part of ourselves that is not in the mind that thinks, is not linked to our programs, for it sees the full movie. That guide us so we could, we need to put aside, and trust. It will guide us if we silence our beliefs and we act. That always amazes us when we abandon the expectations, since expectations are programs that keep our minds from change, the new, the unexpected.

Expectations are a way to tell our Higher Self how it should be what we should happen. The conscious mind does not have the capacity or know their role or that, or as what will happen, happens. If you look closely, never met your detailed plans as you imagine them or have programmed.

To leave it perform, we must trust. We should not tell it how we want things to be or happen. Doing this means limiting it. We are telling it instead we know what is best for us. Therefore, we would be blocking every information that might lead us to unexpected results

That guide is yourself guide. It is the part of you that is in a separate dimension of the physical body and that always acts in your own benefit.

The magic always works when, after having a clear intention, you trust and let go of control over the results, since the outcome is the best for us.

When we have expectations, we feel nostalgia for whatever we don’t have.The Universe then pleases us by giving us more ofthe same.It gives us more to continue feeling “desire to find what we miss”. If we have no expectations of what we want to happen, we will never feel disappointed.

It’s not that hard NOT to have expectations. Just vibrate with the joy you feel notwithstanding the results. Let yourself be amazed.

Remember: When we have expectations we are not surrendering our will to our Higher self. Then, we keep manifesting more of the same in our lives, nothing new happens because our programs are the ones in charge.

Loose and be open to the unexpected with confidence. By not expecting anything, there is no way to feel disappointed.

I love you
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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English Version for this article: María Eugenia Acero C.

The Inner Child


Some time ago I wrote about the inner child and I offered a meditation on the article in Spanish with the title “Honoring Our Inner Child” (Meditación “Honrando a nuestro niño interior”) . However, I hadn’t noticed the magnitude of its importance both in me and in the people who come to take Energy Release therapies.

I constantly noticed that each body pain, stiffness, fears, sadness and repressed rage arise during therapies. They are always related to pending issues in our childhood and beyond.

For those who don’t know, the inner child is our subconscious. It’s that part that recorded every situation of pain, traumas, beliefs and emotions. It also stores the pleasant experiences.

One part of us remained frozen in that state, in those experiences while growing and learning to survive. We all have a wounded child, some more than others. That child was hurt in some moment of his/her development. These wounds constantly emerge in our adult life.

That part of us was left aside, abandoned. That is the part who learned to protect us by reacting to similar situations or any other event that might cause us harm again. We ignore our inner child completely, not knowing the origin of decisions taken at early age that no longer work for us today. They now cause trouble instead. We forget the causes that gave origin to our conduct patterns and how to mend them.

We need to unlearn today whatever we perpetuated in negative conducts over and over again, or whatever that brings to our lives harmful relations to our life and be able to flow freely.
What does our inner child need to help us and let go those conduct patterns, those programs and reactions? Whatever we’re looking for in the world is precisely what we need from ourselves: Acceptance, security, to feel worthy, company, trust, but above all love.

We cannot feel true love for the world if we don’t give that love to our inner child first. We cannot give what we don’t have. Then, unaware we wander through life as beings in need, looking to be rescued or looking for relationships where we rescue others in order to feel important and worthy. Yet, it happens that we cannot obtain what we need from whom cannot give it either. It’s us the ones who need to complete ourselves. We are not the other half looking someone to complete us. By being complete beings we can enjoy love with no conditions, with no need of others to give us what is missing.

Relationships are not based in finding someone to complete us but accompany us.

When we resume our relationship with our inner child, we must earn his/her trust again, give him/her everything it needs to heal his/her wounds and to let go of everything that hurt him/her. Then we will let go of all resentment, fear and sadness. Also, of every memory of abandonment and abuse. It’s there when we make the true forgiveness, by letting go, releasing everything what tied us in a memory.

When in the now we heal our inner child, we are not only changing our future. Our past also transforms itself.

Our inner child becomes then a healthy, joyful, curious, safe, confident and playful child. That’s how we will experience then life again.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu



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English Version: María Eugenia Acero Colomine

Dependence, Attachment, Love


In a workshop I gave recently, we superficially discussed on attachment in relations. Now I want to tell you more on this regard. That day a friend mentioned that “love hurts”. “Love doesn’t hurt. Addiction does. Love is free”, I replied.

Attachment is not love. It’s true we want to share more time with the object of our affection, but love is freedom too. Love is being happy of our beloved one’s happiness in spite of not being with us. We feel glad that he or she are not needy beings and so aren’t we.

A needy person is a someone who looks outside everything he or she can find within, yet ignores how to do it. A needy person usually seeks to fill an internal void.

Let’s not confuse love with attachment. Love can transform in a commitment for living together, for sharing things in common, sharing joint projects… there can be a fellowship and therefore the mutual commitment becomes an accompaniment if desired and consensual. Love accepts each person as he or she is. Bonds are decisions that are not always related to love. If you don’t give to yourself the love you give to the other, then that love is not real.

Attachment is based on selfish beliefs more related to needing. Attachment and dependence are more similar to slavery than love. We stop being free by choice and intend to take freedom from the other. We are responsible for our addiction and dependence situations. But as well as we created them, we can change them too.

Attachment and dependence are more linked to domain, oppression, subjugation, and the yoke. It is not based on trust but on fear. When we depend on someone we live with fear.

Attachment is rooted in our fear of loneliness, to beliefs of no merit and worthlessness. Love springs from the love to oneself. It’s the only way to love others. If you have love in your heart, you will find all hearts full of love

Attachment and dependence are healed through love for oneself. If that love is not accomplished because we do not feel it, nor we not value ourselves, we must then begin to heal our inner child. There is where our wounds of abandonment, loneliness, abuse, as well as all our memories of being lovable, and valuable lie.
There’s no need to change of partner. What you need to change is your attitude, your decisions and especially you need to love yourself. The place to correct is not out. It is through you that the change in your life will occur. Start loving your inner child, to pamper and provide security to it.

Remember that whatever is out is just a reflection of yourself, your beliefs. You create and attract whatever that is within yourself.

The one who needs to change is you. You’re the cause. The world and your relations will be the effect. Therefore, they will be transformed too. Now, change the concept you have of yourself with no expectations and you will experience miracles.

Don’t be afraid of change. Change is an automatic function of existence. There’s nothing to do to avoid change. Adaptation to change and detachment go together. Resisting will only bring suffering instead. Welcome change with trust and everything will go just fine.

You’re the carterpillar to become a butterfly. Do like her: Let go of all detachment to welcome the new.

If you give yourself as much love as the love you expect from the outside you will stop feeling dependent and therefore let go of any addiction and dependence.

The water purifies by flowing.

I love you.
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

English Version: María Eugenia Acero Colomine.

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HO’OPONOPONO and the Broom

Hop y la escobaFrequently, when we are cleaning with the magical words  “I love you”, and “Thank you”,  by constantly repeating, strange things begin to happen. I’ve heard  testimonies of several people. When they began to practice, apparently it was not working for them as expected. Instead of feeling clean they felt more confused instead. Problematic situations were becoming more frequent, problems with their partner, work and/or family sharpened instead of disappearing. They also complained that they suddenly felt upset without knowing why or they were invaded by a bad temper surprise, for no apparent reason.Suddenly all went wrong ….

As we clean our subconscious wrong beliefs, misperceptions, judgments, concepts and misconceptions that bring us suffering we are clearing and paving the way for our long way home. By peeling away the dust, we deveal that buried depth within ourselves.

Now, I invite you to do a little trip together and to use your imagination. You enter to a very dark and dirty place …. It’s so dirty that no one has ever visited it: No one has ever set foot on it. Never a loving hand approached the place to spend a damp cloth and clean the accumulated dust for decades and decades, centuries and centuries lonely…

That strange place has walls covered with images of horror movies and a few walls have images of nice landscapes containing a blue sky. It is a sad and abandoned place ..

Soon as you continue with your imagination you watch the images and feelings. Then, you realize that this place lies within yourself …. And recognize there is a fog distorting your view and then judge. That’s the reason why you do not hear what you say but what you think and that is the cause of all your troubles, worries, aches and pains that you feel and you’ve always felt.

We keep imagining that one day you decide to approach the place to put a little order. It is wise to understand that when trying to re-move everything there, there are waves of dusty debris that spread like a big gray cloud breaks loose everywhere (trash). All this rubbish rises to the surface.

That’s your subconscious. It’s what the ancient Hawaiian shamans (Kahunas) called the inner child. That part of you is abandoned, forgotten and it urgently needs your attention.

As we cleaned the old data from the subconscious with words like THANK  YOU, I LOVE YOU repeating them mentally to everything we perceive as reality, emerging memories from the depths of our mind arise to the surface.  Situations in our life that we had no idea they existed emerge. These appear as problems, difficult circumstances, disease and chaos within the screen we called life. By releasing them, we  are fully healing from our past into the future as the beings who have joined us.

The dust splashing us to begins to remove dirt (our trash). It brings more problems to the surface so that we can transmute into light through the Divine. Each problem arising in our mind is there to appear as an opportunity to be definitively removed and transmuted if we allow them so instead of reacting to it. Otherwise they return to the depths to continue life after life appearing intermittently and infinitely as unpleasant experiences so that we live them.

This is a short overview of why we should not stop cleaning, no matter what is happening. Nothing is what it seems, nothing what seems real is actually real. We never know why things happen, and exactly how we are creating our reality. We take responsibility for cleaning and relying only in change. We use the broom (Thanks, I love you) and start sweeping. Our subconscious is overloaded and what we do is to set it free … Yes, .. This is the only real freedom, freedom from data, erroneous beliefs, and be guided by inspiration.

Nothing can enter in a full cup. If we empty ourselves we can be creative and inspired …

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

What should I do, resist or accept?

ImageLife brings a lot of challenges and our longing is to find the way to live it without having to suffer. It seems to be the hardest task and the one we least accomplish because we don’t know how to confront the daily events that continuously appear.

The key to avoid suffering is to accept instead of resisting everything that happens to us. Accepting what happens without reacting, without resisting what we are presented with, no matter how unpleasant the events seem, that is the way. These are the only two choices that we can have, there are no other. Accept or react.

Generally we resist, we fight, manipulate, try to control and change what we don’t like or what makes us suffer. In other occasions we run away, avoid, ignore or end up reacting violently because we don’t know another way of confronting what we are feeling. What we feel is the real issue, not what is really happening. It is how we perceive the things that happen according to our concepts of what is right or wrong. A simple example could be that someone with good intentions comes near us to give us an advice that we have not asked for and we take it as if they were attacking us, as an interference, then we react because the concept we have of ourselves has been threatened, questioned. This produces a feeling of anger, impotence and we lash out against that person instead of observing the hidden beliefs we have of ourselves that make us feel this way. There are countless examples that would serve us to notice how we project our beliefs onto the outside, but that would be another article. Here we want to emphasize what we feel, which is where we need to focus our attention, in our erroneous interpretations and not in the events themselves, which lack value.

We are so numb that we don’t realize that situations no matter their nature: what we find disgusting, what causes anxiety, what we believe is done to us or what causes insomnia; don’t come from the outside, from our external world. We possess a mental filter, a lens that distorts everything that comes through it, adjusting it to our vision of the world. We are the ones that judge, interpret and feel things either as a threat or as a blessing.

Everything that happens to us lacks any meaning whatsoever, and we are the ones that give it meaning according to our interpretation. Nothing of what you hear is personal; it is just your memories which give meaning to words. Nothing of what you see has any meaning, only in you and for you.

The world that we live in is neutral, what gives it color and flavor is our perception based in our beliefs. Wouldn’t it be great to see the neutral world, what it really is like or maybe through the eyes of love and stop giving it the meaning we have been giving it so far? This depends only of our constant self-awareness, training our mind and staying alert because we are programmed.

If we could understand that the cause of absolutely everything is within ourselves and the effect is what we are feeling, the world would stop hurting us. The causes are the designations we give it, which come from what we believe. If we could notice that what brings suffering to us, is our way of thinking and that we are able to see things and the world differently, without judging, without giving it meaning, accepting it as it is, without putting our mind to it, without trying to analyze… then we will feel in peace.

Everything is ours, nothing really happens outside of our minds. Our entire universe is mental. The resistance we put to what we are experiencing will bring us more of what we are avoiding. If we accept, unlinking ourselves with a completely calm attitude and we let go what causes suffering without holding on to it, we will flow like the river that moves through the rocks following its path.

Depending on how we perceive an event, either as a threat or as a blessing, it will become another issue or an opportunity and that will make the difference in how we will feel. That will determine the effect that the event will have on our life, if we will suffer or if we will feel peace. If we accept what is, without putting on it our energy, everything will pass without leaving residue.

What reality do you want to experience? Accept, love, be grateful and bless what you see, what you feel and everything that happens in your reality? Or complain, lament and victimize yourself? There will always be situations that seem challenging, soulless and tragic. There will always be perfectly justified reasons to focus on what is wrong. Nonetheless, the choice of focusing on these situations will link you to the timelines of lower vibration and in consequence you will live similar situations.

You don’t need to escape suffering; you don’t need to run away from pain, from sorrow, from what causes stress, from loneliness or from disgust. If you remain in it, feeling in silence, observing it, making it yours, without trying to solve it and interpret it or judge it. If you could see as if in your hands you had a diamond with a lot edges and you appreciate it for what it is, without trying to transform it, soon you will start seeing its other aspects that will give you a great feeling of freedom. If you accept what is, without prejudice and without preferences, soon you will start to see hidden blessings in every situation.

Blessings are implied in what causes us the most pain; it is because they have the most potential of transforming.

Changes are the only constant in the universe, you can accept them saying THAN YOU, loving them, or you can resist them fighting, but they are inevitable. When we don’t hook ourselves in what damages us, letting it pass, this will continue its way without touching us. If you react, if you resist it, it is yours and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Hug any unpleasant situation, instead of resisting and fighting against it, and after you experience it, you will find peace

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu