Magical Words – The book about Ho’oponopono


THANK YOU – Introduction to Magical Words


Do you know why your life is at a halt?

You can’t find reasons to be satisfied with your daily life?

Do you feel you solve a problem just to find another one?

Problems are our minds creations and you can learn how to erase them permanently. If you have already heard of Ho’oponopono you will be fascinated to find such an abundance of information in just one book, explained in such a simple way. If it is the first time you have heard of this extraordinary Hawaiian technique, you will be surprised with what you will find here and with how your life will be filled with miracles. Ho’oponoponoshows us that we create our own reality and that our life is run by your unconscious programs. This manual will show you how to easily eliminate those programs in such a way that will enable you to create the life you want to have. No book can give you the solution to your problems but it can show you how to erase the memories that create them. Do not search in the darkness; let’s learn to turn on the light together.

For the first time you have in your hands a manual to create miracles in your life.

I have seen miracles happen to people. This book proposes to teach you the tools that will open the doors to bring miracles to your life and that of your loved ones.

What will you achieve with Magical Words?

  • Easily eliminate your programing of sickness and lack of love.
  • Discover the purpose of your life.
  • Manifest abundance in everything that you want and wish for.
  • Activate success and prosperity which are your birthrights.
  • Heal yourself while you heal others.
  • Eliminate everything that blocks you from gaining a partner, the body you want or your ideal job.
  • Get rid of negative and limiting thoughts.
  • Feel profound peace no matter is going on around you.
  • Improve your relationships with your family, your partner and at work.
  • Surprise yourself with the amount of miracles that will take place in your life.
  • Reconnect with the loving being that you truly are.


6 thoughts on “Magical Words – The book about Ho’oponopono

    • Hello, Gary.

      Sorry for replying you so late. Let me thank you for your interest in learning how to discover who you really are, my pleasure as well!

      By the moment you wrote, we did not have the book ready in english. We are almost done with the english version by now. I’ll keep you posted next week for sure.

      Thank you!!!

      I love you!!!

    • Hello Gary, I’ve just finished publishing my book, I’ll be having a cyber baptism for the book today on Facebook, I could add you as a friend if you’d like, there I’ll be publishing the link for purchase and download for the PDF version of my book, right after I’ll make the same link available on the blog. For the time being you can download the first chapter on the link posted at the beginning of this page…
      Thank you!
      I love you!

  1. Hi Joceline, I know u sent me a copy, which i paid for, but it wont let me open it with that password it says invalid, i have tried it 6 times but to no avail…sorry about that

    Mandy…i may have to get refun, if issues is a problem with adobe or something, i do have both, but it wont download at all, and says magical00 is an invalid password…

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