From Fear To Love


I felt fear and sometimes this feeling has been vague and imprecise but extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. It starts with a feeling in the stomach, or perhaps earlier, in the upper chest. It’s a hassle and I realize it’s anxiety. But there is and I start to watch. I decided to learn the process and change it.

This happened to me a couple of days ago and I told myself, let go Jocelyne, apply what you teach, at the end of the day, what you teach is for you, what you write is your own learning.

All this happened with a trigger, a thought, a situation and started a mind-body level physiological effects. I drifted up to old, beliefs intertwined with others that until then were not fully aware.

I noticed that delving into feeling frightened me and allowing fully feel it, live it and let it be, after a while a new emotion that at first seemed to be there or was not evident arose; It was a feeling that was transformed in sadness, in wanting to mourn and despair and allowing the tears… The fear was disappearing completely. Had come a relief, it was a feeling of acceptance.

It was at that moment, a voice came to my surprise. Left inside me and said sweetly as I passed her warm imaginary hand off my shoulders, “Everything will be fine, everything is fine, was never otherwise you let catch your mind and beliefs but none of this is real, it’s something you’ve imagined, there is nothing can hurt you even when you believe it “and then I calmed down and felt peace. I breathed deeply relieved.

The fears come from films and these films do we come from beliefs that we do not wish for the world to come true. Images arise from fear and we want to avoid. All this happens to us without our consent; are not even aware of what triggers it or the process in which we are immersed. Neither do we know what the root of these beliefs but live as a real possibility and fear takes possession of us.

To defeat our fears and transform them we have:

1) Feeling completely accept and allow them.

2) We must ask What should I be thinking to feel that fear? What would happen if it really happened? What would happen to me if my belief is real? What thoughts would replace these beliefs? (You can write if it makes you easier).

3) Contact your belief, look at her and apropiate it, breathe deeply. Feel how you created your belief. It’s yours.

4) By knowing your deepest belief, you can change, you can loose it, let it go and send it love. Back to breathe deeply and feel the love. Welcomes the opportunity that was manifested to undo it and say thanks, I Love You. Proceed to allow it to be replaced by thoughts of love.

5) Recognizes that it is only a belief, it is not true, is an illusion, that thou hast created and no longer think more on it.

The fear quickly evaporates.

Thoughts of fear appear when we move away from living in the present; this can not help because our mind is very bouncy. But we can observe and monitor the process, this allows us to be more in the now.

We have to allow the process of living our fears, anxieties and fears to discover the beliefs that lie hidden and make our making them light to change them and heal them. If we do not allow this to us and what we do instead, is to resist and avoid reacting, fleeing or avoiding us, they will not disappear. What they do is be increasingly often in the form of anxieties, phobias and / or panic attacks.

If your fear is very strong, let it be, accept it and embrace it, maybe it’s the door to your awakening. Do not run from it.

Fears are alarms that are not aligned with our true selves and we must pay attention to correct.

There is something that is worth mentioning is that love is the miracle pill that healthy fear. Every thought of fear has its antidote. Fear is an illusion based on separation and death. None of this is real. We are immortal, the body is our vehicle in this reality, but there are many other realities that can access, even in this life changing our vibration.

Release beliefs is changing our vibrational frequency tuning in to a new reality. Love is the passage to the stars.

You can help dissolve your beliefs repeating to yourself, thank you, I love you, or ask, What is it about me that I am choosing to feel this feeling? Or what’s in me that I chose to believe this? And then let it go.

You are the master and your mind is your servant, not the reverse.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

What should I do, resist or accept?

ImageLife brings a lot of challenges and our longing is to find the way to live it without having to suffer. It seems to be the hardest task and the one we least accomplish because we don’t know how to confront the daily events that continuously appear.

The key to avoid suffering is to accept instead of resisting everything that happens to us. Accepting what happens without reacting, without resisting what we are presented with, no matter how unpleasant the events seem, that is the way. These are the only two choices that we can have, there are no other. Accept or react.

Generally we resist, we fight, manipulate, try to control and change what we don’t like or what makes us suffer. In other occasions we run away, avoid, ignore or end up reacting violently because we don’t know another way of confronting what we are feeling. What we feel is the real issue, not what is really happening. It is how we perceive the things that happen according to our concepts of what is right or wrong. A simple example could be that someone with good intentions comes near us to give us an advice that we have not asked for and we take it as if they were attacking us, as an interference, then we react because the concept we have of ourselves has been threatened, questioned. This produces a feeling of anger, impotence and we lash out against that person instead of observing the hidden beliefs we have of ourselves that make us feel this way. There are countless examples that would serve us to notice how we project our beliefs onto the outside, but that would be another article. Here we want to emphasize what we feel, which is where we need to focus our attention, in our erroneous interpretations and not in the events themselves, which lack value.

We are so numb that we don’t realize that situations no matter their nature: what we find disgusting, what causes anxiety, what we believe is done to us or what causes insomnia; don’t come from the outside, from our external world. We possess a mental filter, a lens that distorts everything that comes through it, adjusting it to our vision of the world. We are the ones that judge, interpret and feel things either as a threat or as a blessing.

Everything that happens to us lacks any meaning whatsoever, and we are the ones that give it meaning according to our interpretation. Nothing of what you hear is personal; it is just your memories which give meaning to words. Nothing of what you see has any meaning, only in you and for you.

The world that we live in is neutral, what gives it color and flavor is our perception based in our beliefs. Wouldn’t it be great to see the neutral world, what it really is like or maybe through the eyes of love and stop giving it the meaning we have been giving it so far? This depends only of our constant self-awareness, training our mind and staying alert because we are programmed.

If we could understand that the cause of absolutely everything is within ourselves and the effect is what we are feeling, the world would stop hurting us. The causes are the designations we give it, which come from what we believe. If we could notice that what brings suffering to us, is our way of thinking and that we are able to see things and the world differently, without judging, without giving it meaning, accepting it as it is, without putting our mind to it, without trying to analyze… then we will feel in peace.

Everything is ours, nothing really happens outside of our minds. Our entire universe is mental. The resistance we put to what we are experiencing will bring us more of what we are avoiding. If we accept, unlinking ourselves with a completely calm attitude and we let go what causes suffering without holding on to it, we will flow like the river that moves through the rocks following its path.

Depending on how we perceive an event, either as a threat or as a blessing, it will become another issue or an opportunity and that will make the difference in how we will feel. That will determine the effect that the event will have on our life, if we will suffer or if we will feel peace. If we accept what is, without putting on it our energy, everything will pass without leaving residue.

What reality do you want to experience? Accept, love, be grateful and bless what you see, what you feel and everything that happens in your reality? Or complain, lament and victimize yourself? There will always be situations that seem challenging, soulless and tragic. There will always be perfectly justified reasons to focus on what is wrong. Nonetheless, the choice of focusing on these situations will link you to the timelines of lower vibration and in consequence you will live similar situations.

You don’t need to escape suffering; you don’t need to run away from pain, from sorrow, from what causes stress, from loneliness or from disgust. If you remain in it, feeling in silence, observing it, making it yours, without trying to solve it and interpret it or judge it. If you could see as if in your hands you had a diamond with a lot edges and you appreciate it for what it is, without trying to transform it, soon you will start seeing its other aspects that will give you a great feeling of freedom. If you accept what is, without prejudice and without preferences, soon you will start to see hidden blessings in every situation.

Blessings are implied in what causes us the most pain; it is because they have the most potential of transforming.

Changes are the only constant in the universe, you can accept them saying THAN YOU, loving them, or you can resist them fighting, but they are inevitable. When we don’t hook ourselves in what damages us, letting it pass, this will continue its way without touching us. If you react, if you resist it, it is yours and you will have to deal with the consequences.

Hug any unpleasant situation, instead of resisting and fighting against it, and after you experience it, you will find peace

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

I know nothing

What I wish to do through my words for everyone, for you, even for myself, is for us to connect with the source… Let’s go back to being humble and allow ourselves to be guided.

We don’t know more than the Divinity what is good for us, we have no idea… if we allow orselves to be guided and we let go that part of us that believes knows more than anyone or that says “I am right!” or “I hold the truth!” or “I know what you to do, say or think!”, I won’t get away from my programs, I’ll keep repeating the same patterns from my past and I won’t be able to hear the signals that the Divinity sends me.

My thoughts make noise, and to listen to the Divinity I have to pay attention, quiet my mind and say to myself: “thank you, thank you, thank you…” until there’s nothing left, just emptiness.

That way I’ll be able to listen… there is an endless number of blessings when I quiet my mind, an ocean of possibilities from which to choose, I stop being prisoner of my own memories. Yes, I accept that I don’t know, I’m open to the signals, then only new experiences will come to my life, new ideas, new relationships, new opportunities… Let’s learn how to quiet our mind, let’s say: “thank you, thank you, thank you…” until we calm our thoughts.

Your utmost wisdom comes when you recognize: “I only know that I know nothing!” And search, the answers are within yourself.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

I know nothing

Zero, the perfect state of mind

Dear friends: today I want to share with you what it means to be in Zero state. Buddhist call it void and Shakespeare defines it as being the same as a blank page. Joe Vitale together with Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len called it Zero Limits in the book they wrote as a team.

To understand it better we have to go back to the moment when we were first created, at that time we possessed no information, we were in Heaven or Paradise, we had no judgments or opinions, neither good nor bad existed, nor ugly nor pretty; everything was perfect until we started thinking, that’s how the world came to be many lives ago, maybe hundreds or thousands, who knows. The Divinity within us created us perfect.

During all our pass experiences we have been collecting information that has been staying in our subconscious, in our cells and we have passed them from generation to generation, from life to life until the present.

We have been building beliefs and judgments of what should or not be and we have shared and taught them. As time goes by we have been accumulating more and more information and when have adapted it to our lives without noticing that the life we are living is nothing but a reflection or manifestation of everything we have in our mind, the world we see now is just a reflection of our inner mirror. We have created a universe around our experiences, our thoughts, our fears and our desires, and that is what we are showing.

That’s how problems began, which are nothing but the ignorance of knowing who we really are. They come to be form the moment in which we start to identify with what we believe, with our careers, with our roles, with the way we look, with our nationality or with our political party, nonetheless none of these thing is us. We are perfect but we don’t know it because we can’t feel it because we ignore our true identity.

Zero state is the one we come when we start cleansing or memories, is the previous state to inspiration. While we are consumed trying to confront the challenges of life, we don’t have the right method to do so, then we are not creative because my inspiration is blocked by my memories. Being in Zero state is being open to being inspired, is being aware of our divine nature, and it is flowing with the right information.

When we cleanse our memories, when we heal our past, we become a blank page and just then we can feel peace and harmony and arrive to that state that masters call enlightened. Being in Zero state is being ready to receive and creating everything that’s right and perfect for me.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Peace is your choice

When we dig deep in the search for inner peace and we find it, there might come someone from the outside to remind you that the world is hard, difficult and filled with suffering.

Who is the world if not us? That person that is outside is non-other than ourselves, is that part of you that wants to be in control, that is used to suffering, worrying and not finding an outing. It’s your habits. Your world is a reflection of what’s inside you.

That person that comes to tell you that everything is awful when you’re trying to fiImagend peace is not outside, it’s the manifestation of your beliefs, even if you see it, hear it or feel it. You would recognize her if you didn’t carry her within, like a blind man that doesn’t understand when they talk to him about the beauty of mountains, forests; unless that blind man was born with sight, then he can taste the pleasure of his memories.

If someone talks to you about how bad the country’s situation is, about how difficult it is to survive or about how painful and sad life is; those are your fears talking to you. Don’t be afraid, is nothing new even if it seems that way; it’s your memories disguised as news, like apparent current events that come to frighten you. But it’s nothing new, just different ways of taking away your fear, your own data and programming.

If they weren’t within you, they wouldn’t be able to alter your tranquility, what you don’t know can’t affect you, can’t alter you. Then we understand that those people that come to bother us; those news that we see on TV; all of those who plot against your inner peace are within you trying to take over control, because we are used to anguish and worry, and we give our power to those voices, we give them our peace, which is our natural state.

There’s someone that chooses either to listen or ignore, and that someone is the real you. You are the one that decides, the voices come from our program, from our memories. And memories, if we let our guard down will take control and sabotage your attempts to feel well.

When you hear that voice that can be within you or come disguised as somebody you know that comes to worry you once again, don’t listen to it, it comes to alter your tranquility, take a deep breath and notice that it’s part of you, try to identify it or observe it.

When you learn to observe your thoughts, your interactions without identifying yourself; in that moment you’ll be able to notice that you’re the creator of everything you fear and then you can say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, that’s when you’ll be able to let it go. Fears are there when we forget who we really are: we are eternal, we are love, we are peace, but we rarely remember and usually we get confused.

Peace is yours, as is love, they are part of your essence; you can choose to live with it. You are who chooses in every single moment. Just you.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Living Inspired

At a workshop I once gave, I could not help but notice how difficult it is for us to identify where the information that reaches our brain comes from, if it comes from inspiration or from our subconscious memories.

A 99% of our thoughts and everything we say usually comes from data that we have stored. We do the same with what we hear; we immediately compare, analyze and archive it. Almost everything we do is assimilate and store old information that we reorganize time and time again, adjusting them to our beliefs for further use. We constantly recycle without realizing that there is nothing new there because we live immersed in the past or in the future but very little in the present. What we do is observe the same thing in a different way.

All the memories of everything we have ever lived are in our subconscious, from the moment we were created to date, the smells, the flavors, the images, the sounds and the sensations. The subconscious is also in charge of our body´s functioning, of dreams, of emotions and it is responsible for manifesting what we experience in our reality. All our expectations, our fears and beliefs are there too. Our conscious part, the one that is aware, has only the function of choosing; for this it was created and nothing else. It selects what data from our hard drive it will play at any given moment, takes the information from our inner library and acts based on it. It can also choose to contact our divine side if it pays proper attention, if it manages to quiet the mental chatter.

The information that enters our consciousness or intellect generally proceeds from our memories and rarely from inspiration. When it comes from inspiration, we can recognize it because it sometimes presents itself in the form of an idea, of something new and that is when we say Eureka! Or Wow! And we are happy because they were the unfound answers we to questions we had or the solution to problems we had not been able to solve.

This information comes to us from our connection to God; it is not stored in our memories, it does not come from our past or our experiences. It arrives when we stand to the side and stop interfering. Inspiration comes when we let God act, accept what we do not know and let go. It comes when we stop thinking and are quite. Inspiration comes when we clean our memories saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

All the answers are inside us but we make too much noise and cannot hear it. The correct information is always there, speaking to us and all we have to do is keep quiet. Trust, calm down and erase; then all the answers to your queries shall appear.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

The Play of Your Life

When you arrived to this world, you chose to be a certain way and asked the universe to give you what was needed for the experience you chose to have. The cause of all that happens to you is the person you have chosen to experience.

It all boils down to the part you have chosen to play in this existence, which is the cause and the effect of everything that you now manifest. At a given moment since the beginning of your existence, you have decided to experience a form of being and according to that your life proceeds without even being aware of your decisions.

Your experiences while you relate to others are the result of the experience you selected. The original cause of everything you live is the direct result of your choice even though the illusion allows you to believe that everything happens to you but that is not possible. You are the creator and if you choose to accept that you caused it all, it is the first step to transform the existence of the person you have decided to manifest.

This is the step towards understanding the first lesson which is this: you can manifest all that you wish to be and your relationships will act according to the play you wish to interpret.

You have the power to create. Your life is a big theater but you are not a mere character; you are the protagonist that chose a screenplay to portray. The title and the storyline of the play you are enacting is “YOUR LIFE”.

You can decide to change the play that you wish to represent, you can change the script and you can change the character since you are also the director.

Now you can realize that life is only about experiencing everything you have decided to interpret and that the author and the actor are the same person and that person is you. You were not voluntarily placed there as a character; it was you who decided. You are the cause and the universe merely granted you that which you asked of it. What happens to you is simply the effect of your choice.

Know your power and begin to accept that you are the creator, that you are made of the same substance that makes everything be and therefore everything that you decide, is.

When you were born, you were the product of a decision but that decision was made by you and you have forgotten that you are the author and the actor of the play that is your life. You were not placed there by chance, you create everything that happens to you and the responsibility is yours alone.

The decisions you make throughout your life have different levels. The small, every day decisions will not change your existence. These are merely the small waves that rock the boat. Global understanding alone, when you leave the world of illusion, is the one that impels you to move the wheel and it is then when you can change the course of your vessel.

If you do not like what you are experiencing, you must look inside and decide again but this requires you have a complete view; you must see yourself outside your part and feel that you are the actor, the author and the director of your own play. Only when you take on this responsibility will your life be able to change. That is to be 100% responsible. Nothing really happens by chance.

You can see the full picture and you can decide to manifest peace and love. You can decide again.


I love you.


Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Being 100% Responsible

I believe the most difficult aspect to assume is when we affirm that we are totally responsible for everything that occurs in our life, absolutely everything, because the world is only our data continuously repeating themselves in the subconscious and then manifesting themselves.

I am responsible for the world I perceive. Nothing exists outside; only my perception of the world is see actually exists.

My eyes and physical senses only perceive that which is already in my mind, they are merely a projector of my subconscious and everything that I see, hear, feel, smell, taste, was at some point etched as a memory in my subconscious and if I recognize it, it is because it is already a part of me.

My subconscious projects on the outside all which I experience inside, it is very similar to the dream world. I have no idea of what is happening in my world, it is all a projection of my mind. Therefore, I am 100% responsible of all that happens around me, and if I have created it, I can also change it.

Everything that my senses capture are interpretations that my mind has previously made so that everything has a meaning that I have assigned to it. Nothing happens that I do not perceive through a filter, nothing is neutral to me.

So everything that happens in my life, everything I read, see, hear, look at, at imperceptible speed, I give a meaning to hence already existing as a concept and as a judgment.

I am therefore 100% responsible for everything that happens in my life, for everything I think and for everything I experience and consequently manifest. Rarely does new information arrive and I generally classify it according to my old way of thinking.

We are so used to not assuming responsibility for our experiences that even our lack of peace we place on external events, on what others apparently do to us and so we believe it to be.

For example, let us suppose Juanita is extremely annoyed by anyone touching her books in her library, se get furious and feels attacked every time anyone does it as if she had been pierced with a stake through her stomach, she feels so hurt and upset that she goes into a fury causing an argument with the aggressor. It just so happens that Juanita, at some point of her history, decided that it was best that nobody put her books in order because it was then difficult for her to find what she was looking for. That decision was imprinted in her subconscious and she got used to being the only person who manipulated them. Today, she is not even aware of why she gets so irrationally upset, she cannot explain it but she continues to react to a past situation.

The thing is that now Juanita is not only a person, she is a body, she is her clothes and she is her library. Juanita is now enormous; she is also her home, her city, her country and all her beliefs. What is hers is untouchable because we hurt her or so she believes but is her thoughts that hurt her, nothing happens outside; it was she who surrendered her peace. Juanita goes about the world in defensive mode and cannot see with love her mother´s gesture of dusting the books in her library.

Thus we go through life, unconscious of the decisions made and of the reactions we have; we see an aggressor. We judge according to our beliefs but we also attract a reality in concordance with them and we do not consider ourselves responsible for having created this.

We have taken trillions of decisions from the moment of our creation till the present and we are not aware of them. We have possessed them in such a way that they are part of our conduct and of our codes and then we react.

How good it would be to clean or eliminate these choices whose origin and purpose we do not know but that are inserted in the way we proceed and perceive.

How good it would be to see the world neutrally or perhaps with the eyes of love and cease to assign the same meaning we gave to it at some past moment. Everything we see outside of us, our whole world, is only a projection of how we have registered the information, we have no idea of what is real and what is happening, and therefore we are 100% responsible of the world we experience.

The reality I see is not real, it is an illusion colored with my fears, my judgments and the meaning I once gave it. I only see the information that is in my subconscious and find it impossible to see things as they truly are.

We can see again with new eyes and begin to question our fears; we can clean to once again see with the eyes of God, we can once again be like innocent children. It is a matter of letting go and giving ourselves permission.

We can create our world as we want it. We can learn to not believe in our thoughts and we will become indifferent to them. That is our awesome power. We can clean and regain peace. It all begins with a new choice.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu