Transforming Fear into Love

Almost all our reactions come from our beliefs based on fear when they don’t emerge from the inconditional love.

Jealosy, envy, anguish, sadness, etc, are such unpleasant feelings that we usually avoid to feel them. We deny them, simulate them or we react violently to these energy manifestations. Our way to react is by responding to the outside, by putting out the cause of our unrest. We seldom look inside.

We always find someone to blame for our feelings. We always look at the circumstances as a product of bad luck or we just feel victims of situations or someone. Never or rarely we look for the cause within ourselves. Also, in spite we already know that, we forget we are creators of our reality, our experiences, and our perception of the world.

When we constantly change of couple, when we don’t find a good couple, or our couple cheats on us; when money is scarce, when we don’t find the ideal job, we look at that and we wonder: What am I doing wrong? In what have I failed? Why do these things happen to me? Then we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, imperfect, undeserving, with little worth and filled with bad luck. The right question we must ask is, “What is in me that is creating this situation? Or we can just simply say “I’m sorry, forgive me for what is in me that creates this situaiton. This way of asking makes us remember that “It’s me and only me the one who creates my reality just as it is”. If there are aspects in my life that don’t work well, it is because I have beliefs about me and the world that make my reality to manifest as it shows although I’m not aware of them.
Before we arrived to the world, we already knew we were perfect. We were the eternal manifestation of the Creation. As creations we were conceived frmo the very substance of God. Then, when entering in the frequency of fear and disfunction that characterize our world, this life, we have forgotten everything, to feel immerse in a hostile environment no matter whether we grew up in a happy and loving family or not.

In that very same moment, when we were tiny, the first beliefs about this life were created. In a small child who found difficult to obtain love, or under conditions; in a time when it was necessary to be worthy in order to be able to be loved. It was when the first beliefs on difficulties to obtain love appeared. Then, from that fact the belief of not having enough appeared: That fighting was necessary to accomplish things and that it was necessary to be worthy. In that moment the wrong belief that feeling love was the same to feel pain might have been created too.

Then we grew up and we developed as adults. Our intelect has been formed and our life as a mature person has become the result of that experience. However, that little inner child never left. He or she never grew up nor changed at all. He or she continues there, although we have forgotten about him or her, or we believe that we have overcome everything.

Over and over the situations of life will reflect those early decisions, those conclusions, those beliefs, because we have them in our inner child. That wounded and abandoned inner child in need for love will walk with us. Over and over something frome the outside will aim at those wounds unhealed yet. Those wounds will continue there until we pay attention to our inner child.

Grief, sadness, anger, impotence: Everything we feel can be transformed now by not trying to avoid what we feel, by no trying to hide our feelings, but by feeling everything what is and loving the manifestations of our emotions just as they are.
With no judgments hold that little boy or girl that inhabits within yourself. Tell him or her mentally that it is ok to feel what he or she is feeling. Tell him or her that is it right to feel and hold yourself imaginatively. Feel all those emotions and tell that little child within yourself that from now on there is no need to feel lonely and without love, because you’re already there to give that love to him or her.
Accept your feelings. Feel to the fullest what is in you. Do not resist to them and love them. Paradojically, when you choose the transformation NOW with acceptance and love, you automatically transform your past and your future.
You can only transform fear and any emotion in the moment you feel it by sending love. You are love, you are perfect.

I love you.
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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I know nothing

What I wish to do through my words for everyone, for you, even for myself, is for us to connect with the source… Let’s go back to being humble and allow ourselves to be guided.

We don’t know more than the Divinity what is good for us, we have no idea… if we allow orselves to be guided and we let go that part of us that believes knows more than anyone or that says “I am right!” or “I hold the truth!” or “I know what you to do, say or think!”, I won’t get away from my programs, I’ll keep repeating the same patterns from my past and I won’t be able to hear the signals that the Divinity sends me.

My thoughts make noise, and to listen to the Divinity I have to pay attention, quiet my mind and say to myself: “thank you, thank you, thank you…” until there’s nothing left, just emptiness.

That way I’ll be able to listen… there is an endless number of blessings when I quiet my mind, an ocean of possibilities from which to choose, I stop being prisoner of my own memories. Yes, I accept that I don’t know, I’m open to the signals, then only new experiences will come to my life, new ideas, new relationships, new opportunities… Let’s learn how to quiet our mind, let’s say: “thank you, thank you, thank you…” until we calm our thoughts.

Your utmost wisdom comes when you recognize: “I only know that I know nothing!” And search, the answers are within yourself.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

I know nothing

Falling in love

There are people that find a partner and stay together all their lives; there are also those that search for a partner all their lives and even though they’ve had many partners, they haven’t found stability and they jump from one to the other for a while or even years, remaining alone and searching permanently. This article is for this kind, people who I resembled once…

For some reason that we ignore and that is really not important to know, we have gone through life without finding that person we’d like to have as a partner; we have longed to be accompanied and even dreamed about it because being in love is a wonderful experience, and having a partner seems like the ideal situation.

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling there is, when we are in love what we really do is glow, because the object of our love is finally ourselves, the other person just reflects what we are discovering and admiring in ourselves. In that moment we feel that all negative beliefs vanish, the criticism and the judgments that we have harbored against ourselves; we feel the most wonderful being on the face of the earth, little really matters and nothing pulls us out of our personal honey moon.

Could you imagine falling in love with yourself every time you feel like it without the necessity of a partner? What prevents you from doing so? When you fall in love you’re no longer that person with flaws and deficiencies that feels alone, isolated from the world, you accept yourself entirely. The body responds through becoming healthy. And do you need somebody else to feel all of this? No, no. You just need to clean all the wrong beliefs about yourself and love you again.

When you begin loving yourself again, to accept your dark sides and bring them to light, maybe then your perfect mate will show up. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but what I can assure you is that you won’t need it, it won’t be the most important goal in your life, you won’t need excuses to feel vibrant with love, because you finally have yourself.

Needing is a dependence state of mind, searching for someone or something to fill up a void within. Accompanying is the ideal state of mind, we don’t need anything because we are complete and we have a lot to give as well as to receive and so we can share.

If you don’t know how to love yourself, start looking at the world with love, start cleansing and being alert to all those thing you tell yourself mentally or that you say about yourself. If you discover yourself talking or thinking negatively about yourself, say to yourself: I love you, I love you, I love you.

Loving others means loving yourself. It’s opening yourself to the possibilities. It’s creating from the heart.

Some excuses distance us from love, like thinking that love hurts; I tell those excuses that what hurts is not love, is attachment, love is free and it’s the power that gives life.

Offer your love to others without distinction, the same way that you would like to receive it. All the love you give, the universe gives back to you. When you see through love, life smiles at you and inspires you.

Loving myself I love everything that exists.

Fall in love with yourself, you deserve it and it is the most important thing for your wellbeing…

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Thoughts are like clouds

We spend our lives complicating ourselves, suffering and worrying, when we could relax and give ourselves a little peace. If we pay attention to our thoughts and reactions that keep us distracted from ourselves, we will notice how our mind jumps from one situation to the next to avoid being in silence. We search for a way to fill up our time being spectators, actors or reactors of the outside world avoiding being by ourselves in silence. We fear that our anxiety thoughts will take over and frighten us further.

There’s a wonderful way of passing time and not allow unnerving thoughts to invade: say constantly to them Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

God gave us a toy named thought; free will consists on how we use that toy. Thinking is an addiction, one of many we can have and it’s not that we don’t need it, but instead of performing its true function, which is being a tool that we can control, it’s come to control us.

We have to strong tendencies: one to identify ourselves with what we think and the other one to not be able to stop thinking. If our thoughts are to empower ourselves and they are charged with love, compassion or good will, then they come from our inspiration, they are thoughts of high vibration and we will be experimenting a reality filled with love.

But if the thoughts that invade us are unnerving, then that’s the reality that we will instantly experiment. Our organism starts to segregate substances that alert it and the world we perceive becomes a hostile word, distorted and accord with what we feel.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions paint our reality. That’s why we have to take awareness of the fact that it’s up to us what reality we live. The analogy would be the mirror, we don’t expect the mirror to smile at us first, this is impossible, and that’s how the world turns out to be, showing us how we are internally.

If we believe that thinking a lot about something will come up with a solution, we are wrong, the solution is not in our thoughts, solutions come when we quiet our mind.

If you want to create a different reality from the one you’re living and you don’t know how to stop thinking, cleanse your thoughts by repeating to yourself mentally THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU (like a mantra). This vanishes and frees any thought or situation you’re experiencing that is not tranquil. Automatically you’ll see how those things you were focusing on and that took your peace away, disappear.

When you try to avoid a negative thought, there’s a part of you that focuses on it, just embrace it and let it pass. By loving it you free yourself, by resisting it you perpetuate it.

You can chose between feeling better, thinking positive and loving. Creating ideas is thinking about the here and now, and then you’re inspired. Just new and creative thoughts, the thoughts that come from love, from inspiration and not from the past, arrive from a mind in calm and aligned.

When we welcome obstacles instead of resisting them, they smile at us and then they vanish. Thoughts are like clouds that travel the skies, if you stop them, there will be a storm. Just say Thank you and let them pass.

It’s not much what we need, but we believe we are missing things to be happy. Saint Francis said: I need little; and the little I need, I need it little.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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Zero, the perfect state of mind

Dear friends: today I want to share with you what it means to be in Zero state. Buddhist call it void and Shakespeare defines it as being the same as a blank page. Joe Vitale together with Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len called it Zero Limits in the book they wrote as a team.

To understand it better we have to go back to the moment when we were first created, at that time we possessed no information, we were in Heaven or Paradise, we had no judgments or opinions, neither good nor bad existed, nor ugly nor pretty; everything was perfect until we started thinking, that’s how the world came to be many lives ago, maybe hundreds or thousands, who knows. The Divinity within us created us perfect.

During all our pass experiences we have been collecting information that has been staying in our subconscious, in our cells and we have passed them from generation to generation, from life to life until the present.

We have been building beliefs and judgments of what should or not be and we have shared and taught them. As time goes by we have been accumulating more and more information and when have adapted it to our lives without noticing that the life we are living is nothing but a reflection or manifestation of everything we have in our mind, the world we see now is just a reflection of our inner mirror. We have created a universe around our experiences, our thoughts, our fears and our desires, and that is what we are showing.

That’s how problems began, which are nothing but the ignorance of knowing who we really are. They come to be form the moment in which we start to identify with what we believe, with our careers, with our roles, with the way we look, with our nationality or with our political party, nonetheless none of these thing is us. We are perfect but we don’t know it because we can’t feel it because we ignore our true identity.

Zero state is the one we come when we start cleansing or memories, is the previous state to inspiration. While we are consumed trying to confront the challenges of life, we don’t have the right method to do so, then we are not creative because my inspiration is blocked by my memories. Being in Zero state is being open to being inspired, is being aware of our divine nature, and it is flowing with the right information.

When we cleanse our memories, when we heal our past, we become a blank page and just then we can feel peace and harmony and arrive to that state that masters call enlightened. Being in Zero state is being ready to receive and creating everything that’s right and perfect for me.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Creating more money

Recently we’ve been able to learn that we create our own reality with our thoughts, words and actions, but there’s an additional ingredient: to add feeling.

Our feelings the energy in motion in a way that is according to what we feel, that’s why when we want to create something through affirmations, we need to feel the gratitude of it already happening, it has been given to us and we must trust.

When we focus on money, most of the time we are worried, we do the math and feel fear.

Fear that we won’t be able to make ends meet and the nerves generate this type of reality.

When we refrain ourselves or we simply decide that we don’t have enough, we close the flow of prosperity and we generate this situation because we link our feelings and we block our creative energy.

This occurs in moments of our lives when we find ourselves we little trust in our ability to create and since we’re constantly saying that we don’t have enough we’re unable to get out of that situation.

We shouldn’t feel guilty either, or discomfort towards ourselves for having this type of thoughts. Just by realizing it, we can move forward.

What we can do to get out of this vicious cycle is thank the situation, thank our memories and love our shortage thoughts, then say THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU for presenting themselves in our reality; and then we proceed to let go, without hooking ourselves on the fact that we don’t have enough, without paying much attention.

Another way to counteract is to give or share what we feel we lack. It’s an excellent exercise, give to the universe with confidence and trust in the fact that it’s enough for everyone, that there’s abundance and that you have the certainty that it’s coming to your life in this moment.

Every time you think or believe that you don’t have enough, observe your thoughts with joy, notice that you’ve made a mistake, cleanse your memories and continue enjoying life; laugh at yourself for thinking in such a limited and absurd way, and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to yourself.

The universe gives you what you ask for, but don’t feel bad for making a mistake, for being wrong, just laugh, like a child would when it falls down and gets back up when it’s learning to walk.

You can be prosper, just pay attention, allow yourself to be wrong once and again, but be able to notice your error. Be nice to yourself, don’t judge yourself, don’t yell at yourself, treat yourself with tenderness and you’ll learn fast.

Just discover the enormous power you have, with the joy of learning to rediscover who you are, with the patience and tenderness that you feel towards babies.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Peace is your choice

When we dig deep in the search for inner peace and we find it, there might come someone from the outside to remind you that the world is hard, difficult and filled with suffering.

Who is the world if not us? That person that is outside is non-other than ourselves, is that part of you that wants to be in control, that is used to suffering, worrying and not finding an outing. It’s your habits. Your world is a reflection of what’s inside you.

That person that comes to tell you that everything is awful when you’re trying to fiImagend peace is not outside, it’s the manifestation of your beliefs, even if you see it, hear it or feel it. You would recognize her if you didn’t carry her within, like a blind man that doesn’t understand when they talk to him about the beauty of mountains, forests; unless that blind man was born with sight, then he can taste the pleasure of his memories.

If someone talks to you about how bad the country’s situation is, about how difficult it is to survive or about how painful and sad life is; those are your fears talking to you. Don’t be afraid, is nothing new even if it seems that way; it’s your memories disguised as news, like apparent current events that come to frighten you. But it’s nothing new, just different ways of taking away your fear, your own data and programming.

If they weren’t within you, they wouldn’t be able to alter your tranquility, what you don’t know can’t affect you, can’t alter you. Then we understand that those people that come to bother us; those news that we see on TV; all of those who plot against your inner peace are within you trying to take over control, because we are used to anguish and worry, and we give our power to those voices, we give them our peace, which is our natural state.

There’s someone that chooses either to listen or ignore, and that someone is the real you. You are the one that decides, the voices come from our program, from our memories. And memories, if we let our guard down will take control and sabotage your attempts to feel well.

When you hear that voice that can be within you or come disguised as somebody you know that comes to worry you once again, don’t listen to it, it comes to alter your tranquility, take a deep breath and notice that it’s part of you, try to identify it or observe it.

When you learn to observe your thoughts, your interactions without identifying yourself; in that moment you’ll be able to notice that you’re the creator of everything you fear and then you can say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, that’s when you’ll be able to let it go. Fears are there when we forget who we really are: we are eternal, we are love, we are peace, but we rarely remember and usually we get confused.

Peace is yours, as is love, they are part of your essence; you can choose to live with it. You are who chooses in every single moment. Just you.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Living Inspired

At a workshop I once gave, I could not help but notice how difficult it is for us to identify where the information that reaches our brain comes from, if it comes from inspiration or from our subconscious memories.

A 99% of our thoughts and everything we say usually comes from data that we have stored. We do the same with what we hear; we immediately compare, analyze and archive it. Almost everything we do is assimilate and store old information that we reorganize time and time again, adjusting them to our beliefs for further use. We constantly recycle without realizing that there is nothing new there because we live immersed in the past or in the future but very little in the present. What we do is observe the same thing in a different way.

All the memories of everything we have ever lived are in our subconscious, from the moment we were created to date, the smells, the flavors, the images, the sounds and the sensations. The subconscious is also in charge of our body´s functioning, of dreams, of emotions and it is responsible for manifesting what we experience in our reality. All our expectations, our fears and beliefs are there too. Our conscious part, the one that is aware, has only the function of choosing; for this it was created and nothing else. It selects what data from our hard drive it will play at any given moment, takes the information from our inner library and acts based on it. It can also choose to contact our divine side if it pays proper attention, if it manages to quiet the mental chatter.

The information that enters our consciousness or intellect generally proceeds from our memories and rarely from inspiration. When it comes from inspiration, we can recognize it because it sometimes presents itself in the form of an idea, of something new and that is when we say Eureka! Or Wow! And we are happy because they were the unfound answers we to questions we had or the solution to problems we had not been able to solve.

This information comes to us from our connection to God; it is not stored in our memories, it does not come from our past or our experiences. It arrives when we stand to the side and stop interfering. Inspiration comes when we let God act, accept what we do not know and let go. It comes when we stop thinking and are quite. Inspiration comes when we clean our memories saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

All the answers are inside us but we make too much noise and cannot hear it. The correct information is always there, speaking to us and all we have to do is keep quiet. Trust, calm down and erase; then all the answers to your queries shall appear.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

The Play of Your Life

When you arrived to this world, you chose to be a certain way and asked the universe to give you what was needed for the experience you chose to have. The cause of all that happens to you is the person you have chosen to experience.

It all boils down to the part you have chosen to play in this existence, which is the cause and the effect of everything that you now manifest. At a given moment since the beginning of your existence, you have decided to experience a form of being and according to that your life proceeds without even being aware of your decisions.

Your experiences while you relate to others are the result of the experience you selected. The original cause of everything you live is the direct result of your choice even though the illusion allows you to believe that everything happens to you but that is not possible. You are the creator and if you choose to accept that you caused it all, it is the first step to transform the existence of the person you have decided to manifest.

This is the step towards understanding the first lesson which is this: you can manifest all that you wish to be and your relationships will act according to the play you wish to interpret.

You have the power to create. Your life is a big theater but you are not a mere character; you are the protagonist that chose a screenplay to portray. The title and the storyline of the play you are enacting is “YOUR LIFE”.

You can decide to change the play that you wish to represent, you can change the script and you can change the character since you are also the director.

Now you can realize that life is only about experiencing everything you have decided to interpret and that the author and the actor are the same person and that person is you. You were not voluntarily placed there as a character; it was you who decided. You are the cause and the universe merely granted you that which you asked of it. What happens to you is simply the effect of your choice.

Know your power and begin to accept that you are the creator, that you are made of the same substance that makes everything be and therefore everything that you decide, is.

When you were born, you were the product of a decision but that decision was made by you and you have forgotten that you are the author and the actor of the play that is your life. You were not placed there by chance, you create everything that happens to you and the responsibility is yours alone.

The decisions you make throughout your life have different levels. The small, every day decisions will not change your existence. These are merely the small waves that rock the boat. Global understanding alone, when you leave the world of illusion, is the one that impels you to move the wheel and it is then when you can change the course of your vessel.

If you do not like what you are experiencing, you must look inside and decide again but this requires you have a complete view; you must see yourself outside your part and feel that you are the actor, the author and the director of your own play. Only when you take on this responsibility will your life be able to change. That is to be 100% responsible. Nothing really happens by chance.

You can see the full picture and you can decide to manifest peace and love. You can decide again.


I love you.


Jocelyne Ramniceanu

The Magic Of Faith

The universe or divinity bestow on you all that you wish when you allow yourself to flow and do not doubt but when do you not doubt? When do you really trust that your wishes will come true?

You generally believe that in order to obtain what you desire you must try to procure it with effort, with sacrifice and that is so unless you have more obstacles going through your mind such as you cannot or you do not deserve it, or simply believing that your dreams are impossible. You impede the current´s flow. Divinity gives you everything you focus on.

But there is a way for your dreams to come true.

When you wish for something and you let yourself be led by faith, you will always get what you desire.

How many times have you been told that in order to achieve something you must make an effort, even that you must suffer?. . . You can change this way of thinking.

Have you not been told that you must work hard? If you believe it, then so it shall be. The universe will always give you what you ask for and agree with you.

Your beliefs are orders; all your thoughts have the power to become a reality. If you truly have faith and feel it in your heart, do not pay attention to what others say not even to your inner dialogue, in that moment you can have, be and do everything you want.

Faith is the utmost trust, where there is no questioning, no limitations; it is a powerful energy directed towards an objective. When you are in that state, you can manifest everything.

Uncertainty comes from your programming, it is the software that you have inside you and that does not allow you to manifest your desires. You can erase it: pay attention to all the inner voices that divest you of your power and say thank you, thank you, I love you inner voices, you are no longer of any use to me, thank you for presenting yourselves in my life and giving me the opportunity to see and release you.

Faith is cultivated when you begin to discover your limiting beliefs, when you realize who they belong to; it is not you but blocks of structured thoughts whose veracity you have never questioned.

Divinity or the universe will always act on your behalf. Once you discover it, just by saying the magical words you will slowly clean one by one the threads of the fabric that your beliefs have woven throughout a lifetime and the shared, ancient beliefs that come from your ancestors.

When you have faith you are like the bullet that goes straight for its target. You cannot miss. Begin to clean all your doubts and to put faith in that which you desire and you shall see how your life can change.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu