From Fear To Love


I felt fear and sometimes this feeling has been vague and imprecise but extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. It starts with a feeling in the stomach, or perhaps earlier, in the upper chest. It’s a hassle and I realize it’s anxiety. But there is and I start to watch. I decided to learn the process and change it.

This happened to me a couple of days ago and I told myself, let go Jocelyne, apply what you teach, at the end of the day, what you teach is for you, what you write is your own learning.

All this happened with a trigger, a thought, a situation and started a mind-body level physiological effects. I drifted up to old, beliefs intertwined with others that until then were not fully aware.

I noticed that delving into feeling frightened me and allowing fully feel it, live it and let it be, after a while a new emotion that at first seemed to be there or was not evident arose; It was a feeling that was transformed in sadness, in wanting to mourn and despair and allowing the tears… The fear was disappearing completely. Had come a relief, it was a feeling of acceptance.

It was at that moment, a voice came to my surprise. Left inside me and said sweetly as I passed her warm imaginary hand off my shoulders, “Everything will be fine, everything is fine, was never otherwise you let catch your mind and beliefs but none of this is real, it’s something you’ve imagined, there is nothing can hurt you even when you believe it “and then I calmed down and felt peace. I breathed deeply relieved.

The fears come from films and these films do we come from beliefs that we do not wish for the world to come true. Images arise from fear and we want to avoid. All this happens to us without our consent; are not even aware of what triggers it or the process in which we are immersed. Neither do we know what the root of these beliefs but live as a real possibility and fear takes possession of us.

To defeat our fears and transform them we have:

1) Feeling completely accept and allow them.

2) We must ask What should I be thinking to feel that fear? What would happen if it really happened? What would happen to me if my belief is real? What thoughts would replace these beliefs? (You can write if it makes you easier).

3) Contact your belief, look at her and apropiate it, breathe deeply. Feel how you created your belief. It’s yours.

4) By knowing your deepest belief, you can change, you can loose it, let it go and send it love. Back to breathe deeply and feel the love. Welcomes the opportunity that was manifested to undo it and say thanks, I Love You. Proceed to allow it to be replaced by thoughts of love.

5) Recognizes that it is only a belief, it is not true, is an illusion, that thou hast created and no longer think more on it.

The fear quickly evaporates.

Thoughts of fear appear when we move away from living in the present; this can not help because our mind is very bouncy. But we can observe and monitor the process, this allows us to be more in the now.

We have to allow the process of living our fears, anxieties and fears to discover the beliefs that lie hidden and make our making them light to change them and heal them. If we do not allow this to us and what we do instead, is to resist and avoid reacting, fleeing or avoiding us, they will not disappear. What they do is be increasingly often in the form of anxieties, phobias and / or panic attacks.

If your fear is very strong, let it be, accept it and embrace it, maybe it’s the door to your awakening. Do not run from it.

Fears are alarms that are not aligned with our true selves and we must pay attention to correct.

There is something that is worth mentioning is that love is the miracle pill that healthy fear. Every thought of fear has its antidote. Fear is an illusion based on separation and death. None of this is real. We are immortal, the body is our vehicle in this reality, but there are many other realities that can access, even in this life changing our vibration.

Release beliefs is changing our vibrational frequency tuning in to a new reality. Love is the passage to the stars.

You can help dissolve your beliefs repeating to yourself, thank you, I love you, or ask, What is it about me that I am choosing to feel this feeling? Or what’s in me that I chose to believe this? And then let it go.

You are the master and your mind is your servant, not the reverse.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Transforming Fear into Love

Almost all our reactions come from our beliefs based on fear when they don’t emerge from the inconditional love.

Jealosy, envy, anguish, sadness, etc, are such unpleasant feelings that we usually avoid to feel them. We deny them, simulate them or we react violently to these energy manifestations. Our way to react is by responding to the outside, by putting out the cause of our unrest. We seldom look inside.

We always find someone to blame for our feelings. We always look at the circumstances as a product of bad luck or we just feel victims of situations or someone. Never or rarely we look for the cause within ourselves. Also, in spite we already know that, we forget we are creators of our reality, our experiences, and our perception of the world.

When we constantly change of couple, when we don’t find a good couple, or our couple cheats on us; when money is scarce, when we don’t find the ideal job, we look at that and we wonder: What am I doing wrong? In what have I failed? Why do these things happen to me? Then we begin to feel sorry for ourselves, imperfect, undeserving, with little worth and filled with bad luck. The right question we must ask is, “What is in me that is creating this situation? Or we can just simply say “I’m sorry, forgive me for what is in me that creates this situaiton. This way of asking makes us remember that “It’s me and only me the one who creates my reality just as it is”. If there are aspects in my life that don’t work well, it is because I have beliefs about me and the world that make my reality to manifest as it shows although I’m not aware of them.
Before we arrived to the world, we already knew we were perfect. We were the eternal manifestation of the Creation. As creations we were conceived frmo the very substance of God. Then, when entering in the frequency of fear and disfunction that characterize our world, this life, we have forgotten everything, to feel immerse in a hostile environment no matter whether we grew up in a happy and loving family or not.

In that very same moment, when we were tiny, the first beliefs about this life were created. In a small child who found difficult to obtain love, or under conditions; in a time when it was necessary to be worthy in order to be able to be loved. It was when the first beliefs on difficulties to obtain love appeared. Then, from that fact the belief of not having enough appeared: That fighting was necessary to accomplish things and that it was necessary to be worthy. In that moment the wrong belief that feeling love was the same to feel pain might have been created too.

Then we grew up and we developed as adults. Our intelect has been formed and our life as a mature person has become the result of that experience. However, that little inner child never left. He or she never grew up nor changed at all. He or she continues there, although we have forgotten about him or her, or we believe that we have overcome everything.

Over and over the situations of life will reflect those early decisions, those conclusions, those beliefs, because we have them in our inner child. That wounded and abandoned inner child in need for love will walk with us. Over and over something frome the outside will aim at those wounds unhealed yet. Those wounds will continue there until we pay attention to our inner child.

Grief, sadness, anger, impotence: Everything we feel can be transformed now by not trying to avoid what we feel, by no trying to hide our feelings, but by feeling everything what is and loving the manifestations of our emotions just as they are.
With no judgments hold that little boy or girl that inhabits within yourself. Tell him or her mentally that it is ok to feel what he or she is feeling. Tell him or her that is it right to feel and hold yourself imaginatively. Feel all those emotions and tell that little child within yourself that from now on there is no need to feel lonely and without love, because you’re already there to give that love to him or her.
Accept your feelings. Feel to the fullest what is in you. Do not resist to them and love them. Paradojically, when you choose the transformation NOW with acceptance and love, you automatically transform your past and your future.
You can only transform fear and any emotion in the moment you feel it by sending love. You are love, you are perfect.

I love you.
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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Dependence, Attachment, Love


In a workshop I gave recently, we superficially discussed on attachment in relations. Now I want to tell you more on this regard. That day a friend mentioned that “love hurts”. “Love doesn’t hurt. Addiction does. Love is free”, I replied.

Attachment is not love. It’s true we want to share more time with the object of our affection, but love is freedom too. Love is being happy of our beloved one’s happiness in spite of not being with us. We feel glad that he or she are not needy beings and so aren’t we.

A needy person is a someone who looks outside everything he or she can find within, yet ignores how to do it. A needy person usually seeks to fill an internal void.

Let’s not confuse love with attachment. Love can transform in a commitment for living together, for sharing things in common, sharing joint projects… there can be a fellowship and therefore the mutual commitment becomes an accompaniment if desired and consensual. Love accepts each person as he or she is. Bonds are decisions that are not always related to love. If you don’t give to yourself the love you give to the other, then that love is not real.

Attachment is based on selfish beliefs more related to needing. Attachment and dependence are more similar to slavery than love. We stop being free by choice and intend to take freedom from the other. We are responsible for our addiction and dependence situations. But as well as we created them, we can change them too.

Attachment and dependence are more linked to domain, oppression, subjugation, and the yoke. It is not based on trust but on fear. When we depend on someone we live with fear.

Attachment is rooted in our fear of loneliness, to beliefs of no merit and worthlessness. Love springs from the love to oneself. It’s the only way to love others. If you have love in your heart, you will find all hearts full of love

Attachment and dependence are healed through love for oneself. If that love is not accomplished because we do not feel it, nor we not value ourselves, we must then begin to heal our inner child. There is where our wounds of abandonment, loneliness, abuse, as well as all our memories of being lovable, and valuable lie.
There’s no need to change of partner. What you need to change is your attitude, your decisions and especially you need to love yourself. The place to correct is not out. It is through you that the change in your life will occur. Start loving your inner child, to pamper and provide security to it.

Remember that whatever is out is just a reflection of yourself, your beliefs. You create and attract whatever that is within yourself.

The one who needs to change is you. You’re the cause. The world and your relations will be the effect. Therefore, they will be transformed too. Now, change the concept you have of yourself with no expectations and you will experience miracles.

Don’t be afraid of change. Change is an automatic function of existence. There’s nothing to do to avoid change. Adaptation to change and detachment go together. Resisting will only bring suffering instead. Welcome change with trust and everything will go just fine.

You’re the carterpillar to become a butterfly. Do like her: Let go of all detachment to welcome the new.

If you give yourself as much love as the love you expect from the outside you will stop feeling dependent and therefore let go of any addiction and dependence.

The water purifies by flowing.

I love you.
Jocelyne Ramniceanu

English Version: María Eugenia Acero Colomine.

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Thoughts are like clouds

We spend our lives complicating ourselves, suffering and worrying, when we could relax and give ourselves a little peace. If we pay attention to our thoughts and reactions that keep us distracted from ourselves, we will notice how our mind jumps from one situation to the next to avoid being in silence. We search for a way to fill up our time being spectators, actors or reactors of the outside world avoiding being by ourselves in silence. We fear that our anxiety thoughts will take over and frighten us further.

There’s a wonderful way of passing time and not allow unnerving thoughts to invade: say constantly to them Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

God gave us a toy named thought; free will consists on how we use that toy. Thinking is an addiction, one of many we can have and it’s not that we don’t need it, but instead of performing its true function, which is being a tool that we can control, it’s come to control us.

We have to strong tendencies: one to identify ourselves with what we think and the other one to not be able to stop thinking. If our thoughts are to empower ourselves and they are charged with love, compassion or good will, then they come from our inspiration, they are thoughts of high vibration and we will be experimenting a reality filled with love.

But if the thoughts that invade us are unnerving, then that’s the reality that we will instantly experiment. Our organism starts to segregate substances that alert it and the world we perceive becomes a hostile word, distorted and accord with what we feel.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions paint our reality. That’s why we have to take awareness of the fact that it’s up to us what reality we live. The analogy would be the mirror, we don’t expect the mirror to smile at us first, this is impossible, and that’s how the world turns out to be, showing us how we are internally.

If we believe that thinking a lot about something will come up with a solution, we are wrong, the solution is not in our thoughts, solutions come when we quiet our mind.

If you want to create a different reality from the one you’re living and you don’t know how to stop thinking, cleanse your thoughts by repeating to yourself mentally THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU (like a mantra). This vanishes and frees any thought or situation you’re experiencing that is not tranquil. Automatically you’ll see how those things you were focusing on and that took your peace away, disappear.

When you try to avoid a negative thought, there’s a part of you that focuses on it, just embrace it and let it pass. By loving it you free yourself, by resisting it you perpetuate it.

You can chose between feeling better, thinking positive and loving. Creating ideas is thinking about the here and now, and then you’re inspired. Just new and creative thoughts, the thoughts that come from love, from inspiration and not from the past, arrive from a mind in calm and aligned.

When we welcome obstacles instead of resisting them, they smile at us and then they vanish. Thoughts are like clouds that travel the skies, if you stop them, there will be a storm. Just say Thank you and let them pass.

It’s not much what we need, but we believe we are missing things to be happy. Saint Francis said: I need little; and the little I need, I need it little.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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Everything changes

Everything changes, even us. We find ourselves in continuous movement and transformation, today we are not the same as yesterday, and we are not as will be tomorrow, our cells change, even our thoughts are different every instant. Then, have you ever wondered why our memories are the same? Just our memories are fixed in space and time… And we allow ourselves to judge, analyze, have opinions basing them on something that no longer is… Give yourself time to question the validity of your interpretations, your beliefs, they are anchored in something that no longer exists and that might have never existed, but now they don’t work, let’s allow our memories to change as well, let them go for them to transform… Let our memories be what they are, just a step in the learning process of life, and let go anything that hooks us to them, with the past, so that we can be open every day, every instant… To continue creating freely new ways of thinking.


Let’s abandon our judgments and opinions, the trap us in old behaviors. Let’s be disposed, flexible and open of heart so that we can be in harmony with the changes that ocurr every instant and to be able to continue freely the rhythm of life.

With love for you, my mirror

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

One night the Divinity spoke to me

One of those nights when I’m in lying in my bed before going to sleep, I usually stay still to listen to the Divinity speak. It whispered slowly and told me: “I’ll give you anything you want… if you don’t have it yet, is because you don’t allow it.”Image

After this I started reflecting: what am I doing that I don’t allow it? Am I not asking for it? Am I not asking to have a good relationship with my family, my friends and the people that accompany me? Am I not asking to have material abundance and love? Then it whispered again, this time a little louder…

“You don’t have to ask for what you’ve already got, because you’re not missing anything… You have to stop believing you don’t have it. I’ve given you everything, but you don’t see it because you’re observing with your physical eyes and not with your heart, your physical eyes can only show you what you think, when you learn to stare with your heart, you’ll see beyond appearances.”

I stayed restless trying to understand, and in the end I understood that I have to cleanse all of the beliefsthat limit me, I realized that it won’t be until I leave behind all my data and programming, my attitudes, my lack of love thoughts, that I will be able to see the world through my heart.

When I stop desiring to just accept, when I stop judging and holding on to this thought system where all I see is shortage; only then I’ll be able to have it all, because then I won’t be focusing on what I don’t have or on what’s missing from my life, I’ll let all the good that has been given t me come to light from within. I will allow it, leaving behind my beliefs to see again through my heart.

I Love You

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

The Play of Your Life

When you arrived to this world, you chose to be a certain way and asked the universe to give you what was needed for the experience you chose to have. The cause of all that happens to you is the person you have chosen to experience.

It all boils down to the part you have chosen to play in this existence, which is the cause and the effect of everything that you now manifest. At a given moment since the beginning of your existence, you have decided to experience a form of being and according to that your life proceeds without even being aware of your decisions.

Your experiences while you relate to others are the result of the experience you selected. The original cause of everything you live is the direct result of your choice even though the illusion allows you to believe that everything happens to you but that is not possible. You are the creator and if you choose to accept that you caused it all, it is the first step to transform the existence of the person you have decided to manifest.

This is the step towards understanding the first lesson which is this: you can manifest all that you wish to be and your relationships will act according to the play you wish to interpret.

You have the power to create. Your life is a big theater but you are not a mere character; you are the protagonist that chose a screenplay to portray. The title and the storyline of the play you are enacting is “YOUR LIFE”.

You can decide to change the play that you wish to represent, you can change the script and you can change the character since you are also the director.

Now you can realize that life is only about experiencing everything you have decided to interpret and that the author and the actor are the same person and that person is you. You were not voluntarily placed there as a character; it was you who decided. You are the cause and the universe merely granted you that which you asked of it. What happens to you is simply the effect of your choice.

Know your power and begin to accept that you are the creator, that you are made of the same substance that makes everything be and therefore everything that you decide, is.

When you were born, you were the product of a decision but that decision was made by you and you have forgotten that you are the author and the actor of the play that is your life. You were not placed there by chance, you create everything that happens to you and the responsibility is yours alone.

The decisions you make throughout your life have different levels. The small, every day decisions will not change your existence. These are merely the small waves that rock the boat. Global understanding alone, when you leave the world of illusion, is the one that impels you to move the wheel and it is then when you can change the course of your vessel.

If you do not like what you are experiencing, you must look inside and decide again but this requires you have a complete view; you must see yourself outside your part and feel that you are the actor, the author and the director of your own play. Only when you take on this responsibility will your life be able to change. That is to be 100% responsible. Nothing really happens by chance.

You can see the full picture and you can decide to manifest peace and love. You can decide again.


I love you.


Jocelyne Ramniceanu

The Deserving Attitude

We frequently do not fulfill our dreams because we believe we will fail, we lack self confidence and therefore we sabotage ourselves. We think it is not worth it, not worth the effort and deep down what we have is the feeling of not deserving happiness, living with love or having money. To remedy this situation, we must work on our beliefs about deserving.

Developing a deserving attitude is quite easy if we set our minds to it; it requires a good dose of constancy but the results are well worth it.

 I suggest an exercise that has given me positive results because I have made the effort and not making the effort is also part of that resistance that we all have towards change and that keeps us tied to a state of comfort even when the results are unpleasant and devoid of happiness.

It is all about making a conscious and firm decision, a continuous affirmation that must stem from deep inside your heart with utter conviction, security and without a shadow of a doubt.


When you do this affirmation or any other that is similar and works and convinces you, it should be charged with energy, with a sense of power; you must feel the vital energy flow through your entire body, from head to toe (mana). It is like a tingling sensation. This is the energy of all things created, it is the universe´s divine energy and it is the creating energy that gives you life, which is inside you and allows you to manifest yourself.

The ideal state to insert these ideas into your subconscious mind is achieved by doing deep breathing exercises, specially the HA breath, then serenely and calmly determine that YOU DESERVE ALL THAT IS GOOD. The breath will produce extra mana or vital energy that you need to manifest. Then feel how the mana travels through your cells and your entire body.

In order to fix these affirmations inside yourself, you must contribute acting with the certainty of deserving it all and to deserve peace, love and money you must feel that you already possess these things, that they are already a part of you and share peace, love and money with the world, with the universe, with everyone.

If any doubts remain even after trying, then we revise all our beliefs that do not allow us to feel deserving, we write them down on a piece of paper and then, one by one, we say to them: “I humbly ask for forgiveness for having tied these memories to my reality. . . I am sorry. . . Thank you for this opportunity to set them and myself free” or “Dear memories, I love you. Thank you for this opportunity to set you and myself free” or any other phrase that comes to mind at that moment. We then get rid of the piece of paper but every time a similar thought appears, we repeat the process, thus eliminating all doubts and instilling in your subconscious the new determination that is naturally a part of your true being.

When we believe that we do not deserve all that is good, we must understand that these thoughts were gradually inserted in our psyche from the moment of our creation and we have believed it so but these thoughts are not a reflection of who we truly are. We are divine beings experiencing our human existence.

Every day that goes by we will continue to encounter situations where we easily revert to the non-deserving attitude, so you must be aware of these circumstances and not latch on to them, do not take them personally; that is how old habits secure their presence.

When facing any situation that you feel conquers you, once again practice breathing, relax and follow through with the Ho´oponopono tools above mentioned. Do not try anything, just stay relaxed and you will be surprised how a fresh breath of air begins to dissipate any feeling of being vanquished.

Memories are reluctant and will try to take you by surprise; that is how they act but always remain relaxed, breathe deeply and remember that you deserve. Tell yourself over and over with faith, with the same faith you have in God that you deserve: that you deserve to prosper in your relationships, in love, in your finances and last and most importantly, believe it.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

Coming home

A friend of mine asked me to write about death and I was reluctant to the idea for several days. It is a difficult subject for me and one where we share many memories. Finally, it began to flow. I felt that I had to do it because we need to perceive death in a different way, without fear.

We all have a family member or someone close to us that have passed away and we have been left paralyzed and saddened by their departure.

Death, apart from the void it causes, is associated with the physical pain of the person who has departed and with the emotional pain of us who remain. Our memories of pain and grief are deeply engrained within us and it might help to understand that death is not final and that it is always liberation.

We have the impression that we are all separate and physical death makes us believe this illusion.

My purpose in writing about this subject is to help us change our beliefs and replace them with our understanding of what a transition is, a transformation and perhaps an evolvement towards something superior.

We have all heard talk about, and many of us have experiences with spiritism, regressions, communication with beings of other planes of existence, memories of past lives and channeling. I have no doubt they are real. We can all experience a certain type of contact if we prepare ourselves and manage to modify our frequencies in order to gain access to other planes of consciousness.

So death as such does not exist, it is just a transformation from the physical to the ethereal. The essential “I” is freed and death is the birth of a new adventure, of change.

We have enormous illusions that confuse us. We believe we are a body and not a soul when the body is the instrument of life and it is no more with death, the soul continues its transformation. It is never an ending, it is a new beginning.

We have learned that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. Life is an adventure but so is what comes after.

Attachment is natural and when someone you cherished passes away, a great void is left and we project that feeling onto the person that departed, we imagine him or her suffering before and after but this is not so. That person is now completely free for their next adventure.

In the beliefs that we hold on to, Death is usually not the enemy; the enemy is our fear of death.

We must change and teach people who are close to death to lose their fear and to receive what is to come with joy; that is a beautiful endeavor that we rarely undertake. The fear of death will then disappear. The mood will be such that it will be welcome. What will happen? The person will be a able to let it happen and there will be no worries.

Remember that love is to let the other free, try to let go of your attachments no matter hard it seems separation is only an illusion. Consider it an adventure journey to a far away land with the certainty that the person departing shall depart in peace.

From the moment we are born we begin to die, slowly. Have you ever asked yourself who or what you were before you were born? Death is merely coming home. So, why not live life like a short adventure instead of taking it so seriously? Who do you not give love to and to who have you not said goodbye? Be thankful for those who have accompanied you and to those who you may not have liked, have helped you learn about yourself.

We are all connected and intertwined even though we are not aware of it and we are only experiencing different aspects of our being; we are part of a whole, we are the source experiencing itself.

Lose your fear and surrender to love; it is the only road towards peace, it is the only way for your adventure to last, to bring you happiness. We will go back home.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

More Ho´oponopono Tools

Dear friend, today I wish to make a contribution different from my usual ponderings and writings. Today I want to share with you some Ho´oponopono tools that you might not be familiar with. I am certain they will interest you. I became aware of these Ho´oponopono tools or processes through a series of videos called Zero Limits III.

You can get these videos online through Joe Vitale and they are all in English. In them, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len explains different tools to clean our subconscious of data that impedes our happiness and our peace. One of these tools, apart from the ones we already know, is the use of the eraser-topped pencil that has never been sharpened, that can be activated with the words “dew drop” and once activated it can be used to erase memories. The procedure consists of touching objects with the eraser on top of the pencil to erase data or negative situations related to them, such as touching the computer if it is malfunctioning, a bill, your cell phone, etc, everything that represents a problem for you can be touched with the eraser of the activated pencil without forgetting that you are the creator of the situation you see outside. If you do not have a pencil on hand, you can also imagine it. Once you activate the pencil, it stays activated.

Another tool mentioned by Dr. Len is down pillows for sleeping. He says they help erase data whilst you are sleeping.

The data found in your subconscious he calls “garbage” and that is what they are because they are not letting us contact are divine part and they manifest themselves in the shape of problems to remind us to erase them.

He also mentions candy canes and jelly beans, the latter as a tool that helps you be at the right place and in the perfect moment.

Another tool or process is to open and close both hands at the same time, as if repeatedly holding and releasing. It helps with our inner wars, our personal battles, for example you are on an airplane and you are afraid, you open and close your hands several times, adding the phrase “whatever is happening inside me, I love you, thank you”. This allows you to expel the memories and let them go. You let go and give them to God with every hand gesture.

The important thing when cleansing is to take responsibility of the fact that you are creating this situation and when you achieve the “Zero” state which is the equivalent of void, your original state, everyone around you is in “Zero”. But the “Zero” state always begins with you. If you feel love, everyone around you will feel love until another memory appears.

Once you have been erasing for some time, you will receive the inspiration to know which words to say or what to do to clean that data from your subconscious. Inspiration will be present in your life, you just have to let go and trust. You do not need teachers, you only need to clean and take 100% responsibility that whatever exists in your world is being created by you.

I love you.

Jocelyne Ramniceanu