Falling in love

There are people that find a partner and stay together all their lives; there are also those that search for a partner all their lives and even though they’ve had many partners, they haven’t found stability and they jump from one to the other for a while or even years, remaining alone and searching permanently. This article is for this kind, people who I resembled once…

For some reason that we ignore and that is really not important to know, we have gone through life without finding that person we’d like to have as a partner; we have longed to be accompanied and even dreamed about it because being in love is a wonderful experience, and having a partner seems like the ideal situation.

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling there is, when we are in love what we really do is glow, because the object of our love is finally ourselves, the other person just reflects what we are discovering and admiring in ourselves. In that moment we feel that all negative beliefs vanish, the criticism and the judgments that we have harbored against ourselves; we feel the most wonderful being on the face of the earth, little really matters and nothing pulls us out of our personal honey moon.

Could you imagine falling in love with yourself every time you feel like it without the necessity of a partner? What prevents you from doing so? When you fall in love you’re no longer that person with flaws and deficiencies that feels alone, isolated from the world, you accept yourself entirely. The body responds through becoming healthy. And do you need somebody else to feel all of this? No, no. You just need to clean all the wrong beliefs about yourself and love you again.

When you begin loving yourself again, to accept your dark sides and bring them to light, maybe then your perfect mate will show up. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t, but what I can assure you is that you won’t need it, it won’t be the most important goal in your life, you won’t need excuses to feel vibrant with love, because you finally have yourself.

Needing is a dependence state of mind, searching for someone or something to fill up a void within. Accompanying is the ideal state of mind, we don’t need anything because we are complete and we have a lot to give as well as to receive and so we can share.

If you don’t know how to love yourself, start looking at the world with love, start cleansing and being alert to all those thing you tell yourself mentally or that you say about yourself. If you discover yourself talking or thinking negatively about yourself, say to yourself: I love you, I love you, I love you.

Loving others means loving yourself. It’s opening yourself to the possibilities. It’s creating from the heart.

Some excuses distance us from love, like thinking that love hurts; I tell those excuses that what hurts is not love, is attachment, love is free and it’s the power that gives life.

Offer your love to others without distinction, the same way that you would like to receive it. All the love you give, the universe gives back to you. When you see through love, life smiles at you and inspires you.

Loving myself I love everything that exists.

Fall in love with yourself, you deserve it and it is the most important thing for your wellbeing…

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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