It’s time to touch and be touched

Touch and be touched 1It is generally weird to talk about this subject; it’s a delicate subject for you, for me. We are programmed to avoid our natural needs. I’m referring to the warm touch, the manifestation of love.

What do you feel when you’re touched with love, caressed? And if it’s a nice feeling, why do we prevent ourselves from feeling it more often? Did you know that many of us can spend long periods of time without touching someone putting our kids, parents and spouses aside? And what about those who are far away and have no family? Or those who are now old and have no one around? There are also those who even if they have lots of company still live within their own prisons without showing affection, just a conventional hello.

Do you know how nice it is to receive a warm hand shake from someone, a hug or simply caress naturally their back? Babies can’t survive without receiving this warm touch.

Can you imagine how much it could clam us to receive a few demonstrations of affection? And I’m not talking only about the words that comfort us. So, why don’t we allow ourselves to receive that which we desire?

We have deprived ourselves too much; we even prefer the loneliness of isolation than to confront our fear of rejection. Do we believe that if we show our vulnerability we’ll be harmed? Who damages us more than we damage ourselves?

Touch and be touched 2

Many times we take a term of endearment as an audacity even when it’s only a simple demonstration. With a small child the situation varies, we feel comfortable and free to caress his head with our hand or to simply pat him. We have the same situation when relating to pets, like cats or dogs. Do you know how many adults need to be touched and find it shameful to ask for it? Sometimes we feel uncomfortable when we are touched, we don’t want to seem needy, or we are afraid to exceed the limits of what’s mentally allowed. If we could only break that barrier of taboos, beliefs, and begin thinking that we are only giving and receiving love… It’s our mind the one that judges, our thoughts what keeps us apart, it’s our fear of what people might think of us. You should know that those other people don’t really exist, it’s you who judges. You are afraid of shattering your schemes, your habits, and you deprive yourself from giving and receiving. When we deprive ourselves from giving love to other beings, we are depriving ourselves from flowing with the most simple and natural expression of love.

We are limiting ourselves. Let’s cleanse those memories that say that caressing is bad, it’s one of the deepest beliefs we have ingrained, and it keeps us lonely, bitter, depressed and unhappy. Giving love is giving happiness. What comes out of you will always come back to you. God gave us arms not only to maneuver objects and food, but to use them also to caress and hug. In a similar way our skin is not there only to protect our body, along with our hands they are a complete system of tactile communication.

What if they will reject you? Nobody rejects you; it is you who sees rejection in the other, because he is only your mirror. Let’s cleanse those blockages that keep you away from the expressions of love. Give yourself happiness.

There’s no better way of showing tenderness than with a gentle touch. Our society and our beliefs have kept us even more apart from each other, but how gratifying are those events when people hug each other in the end. The energy vibes of our bodies rises like a rocket. It’s time to hug, to touch, to make happiness and be happy.

I love you

Jocelyne Ramniceanu

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